Architectural drawings or architect’s drawings are technical drawings for architectural projects. They are means of communicating ideas, concepts and details, and require drafting skills in modern and traditional methods of architectural drawings. All drawings such as Site plans, Layout plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, details, schedules, etc can be classified as architectural drawings. Exceptions can include mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural drawings, as well as other data normally handled by special contractors in those fields.

Architectural Drawings

Design, construction and finishing are a fundamental part of building process. Architects are licensed professionals and are authorized to design buildings. They have to make sure that the building is good-looking, environmentally feasible and safe to inhabit. Any architectural plan moves through various stages before it is fully implemented. Conceptual design drawings are transformed into to-scale design drawings for site layout, floor plans of different floors, elevation views from different sides, roof plans, and section drawings.   Hand sketches and complex pen and paper drawings are converted into detailed to-scale architectural plans. Architects today, rely on 3D visualization by creating 3D models to finalize the look and feel of the buildings and the site landscape.  At the construction stage, Architectural drawings include a construction or working drawings with extensive information detail drawings created as instruction set to the various contractors working on site. Architectural drawings provide deep insight into the external appearance, construction, costs and concept of the building.

Digitally drawn Architectural drawings

A new dimension to the way Architects work today, in many ways.

  • They can easily share multiple design concepts to help the end customer/property owner visualize his constructed space.
  • 3D perspectives and models help visualize effective design concepts with use of materials, colours and textures.
  • The 2D and 3D Floorplans help real estate agents to promote sales
  • 3D models can be rendered with realistic imagery to showcase the projects on marketing collaterals.
  • 3D renderings can help prospective users to visualize the layout and interiors.
  • 3D walkthroughs are created to showcase the project on screens and helps the end customers to visualize the layouts even more effectively.
  • Detailed drawings as construction set provide precise instructions to site contractors ensuring accurate build-ups on site, as per design, hence saving material, time and costs.
  • Detailed to-scale drawings help expolate bill of materials and costs effectively.

Outsourcing Architectural drafting and 3D modelling services helps Architectural firms to reduce costs because they can hire professional expertise at reasonable costs with assured quality output.
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