Design, construction and architecture are a fundamental part of building process. Architects design and implement an engineering project or a new product. Architects are licensed professionals and are authorized to design buildings. They have to make sure that a building is safe and sound and that it has a functional structure. Hand sketches and complex pen and paper drawings are converted into architectural plans. Technical drawings are needed before an object is manufactured. In modern times, drafters and architects use Architectural Rendering Services for making their drawings.

Architecture drawings include a complete set of construction drawings of residential projects, piping plans, plotting, scanning, illustration and 2D or 3D designs. Good projects express and explain themselves. Architectural drawings provide deep insight into the external appearance, construction and concept of the building. The architectural representation has to be good and decides how the project will be perceived. Current architectural design has developed due to modern digital techniques. It continues to develop due to rapid development of digital media.

3D Architectural rendering services


  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Floor plans
  • Cut-out sections
  • Architectural visualization
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Colouring
  • Walk through
  • Animation and interactive demos

Architectural Rendering Services

Issues in 3D rendering


  • Construction of a building involves many aspects and coordination of several tasks. It is a complicated affair. One has to consider the materials being used, the characteristics of the materials, costs of materials used, dimensions and specification etc. there is every possibility of making errors. With 3D rendering, the flaws can be detected and identified in advance. Changes and modifications can be made before it is too late. The costs in construction are high and a mistake can lead to tremendous loss. 3D rendering helps to save on time and costs to a great extent.
  • The work of an architect has two dimensions; the architect on one side and the client on the other. The architect has to prepare the designs using the tools available to him and has to follow a technical procedure. He has his own limitations. On the other hand, the client has certain visions and expectations regarding a construction project. There must be perfect communication and understanding between the two so that the results are best and satisfactory for both the parties. A 3D image offers a better view of the project from inside as well as outside.
  • The chief purpose of 3D rendering is to increase saleability of the building. 3D rendering gives a better understanding of the overall appearance of the construction as it will appear after completion. It enhances the effects by manipulating light and colour. Little touch-ups here and there make the projects look attractive. The interiors can be highlighted by adding pieces of furniture and fittings; the exterior can be depicted with surrounding green lawns, parks etc.
  • Another new trend in marketing is to add a walk-through effect. While the apartment remains stationary, the viewer gets the impression of walking through it by entering the door and moving from one room to another, with the focus on important points that the builder wants to highlight. One gets a virtual experience of moving through a real house.


3D Architectural Rendering benefits


  • It breathes new life into a design
  • The effect is 3 dimensional, almost real
  • Designs are correct and accurate
  • All details and specifications can be followed
  • Changes can be made in time and any number of times
  • Helps to take decisions
  • Beauty and aesthetics can be added to the design
  • Depiction is dynamic, interactive rather than static
  • Real life elements like people, surroundings, vegetation and texture can be incorporated into the designs
  • 3D rendering is closest to reality
  • Architectural rendering designs can be used in promotion materials like brochures, posters and advertisements


Service process

Digitise IT is a company that offers services in architectural rendering. Beginning with a discussion with the project team in the client company, Digitise IT follows systematic steps for success in the venture.

At Digitise IT we our goal is to put architecture on display in such a way that it communicates the special features and identity of the building project in a picturesque style. We combine our expertise with your vision to produce the best effects. We focus on accurate details, superior quality and ability to view from multiple vantage points. These are some of the quantifiable benefits of 3D architectural rendering. Something easily digestible by laymen!

Our services include special service offerings designed to aid Real Estate companies, Architects and Land Developers as a tool for effective marketing of their designs and properties

  • 2D Floor plans
  • 2D Floor plans with measurement
  • 2D Floor plans with furniture
  • 2D with measurement & furniture Floor plans
  • 2D Location plans & Elevations
  • 3D Floor plans (Premium & Classic)
  • 3D with furniture Floor plans (Premium & Classic)
  • 3D Interior & Exterior perspectives

Digitise IT has the skills to offer Architectural Rendering Services including 3D Modeling & 3D Drafting services using AutoCAD®, Bricscad®, SketchUP Pro, Autodesk 3D Max®, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.