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Product Design Services

When we think of the word design, we think of making something beautiful, enhancing something and make it look more attractive. When we talk about product design, we are less concerned with how beautiful a design looks; we are thinking about what the design can and should do. Product designing is carried out with a […]

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Mechanical CAD Services

In the past, all of the designs, whether architectural, mechanical, or civil, would be made by hand on a set of blueprints or paper. These blueprints contained all the necessary information to correctly design the intended project. But the mechanical engineering industry standard today is Mechanical CAD. So in other words, there are a lot […]

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Outsourcing Geospatial Services

‘Geo’ means ‘geographical’ and ‘spatial’ means ‘related to space’. The word ‘geospatial’ indicates data that has a geographic component. It includes location details like address, city, ZIP code etc. Geospatial services offers technology that is used to acquire, manipulate and store geographical information. GIS ( Geographic information System) is a system that captures, stores, manipulates, analyses […]

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Fabrication Drawing Services

Fabrication drawing services are required in engineering and construction industries on a wide scale. They play an important role in constructing a structure or manufacturing products precisely. Fabrication drawing is extremely useful to designers and engineers in creating accurate and effective drawings of structures and products. Fabrication drawings are pictorial representations of structures. They provide […]

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Architectural Rendering Services

Design, construction and architecture are a fundamental part of building process. Architects design and implement an engineering project or a new product. Architects are licensed professionals and are authorized to design buildings. They have to make sure that a building is safe and sound and that it has a functional structure. Hand sketches and complex […]

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SketchUp Design Modeling Services

When you look at any invention new or old, around you, you must understand that it is the consequence of somebody’s vision. A vision is given shape and transformed into reality. For this transformation to take place, the visualizer must sketch an outline or draft and plan its production. For example, a building is the […]

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AutoCAD conversion services

Big organizations need to communicate technical data on a large scale regularly. There may be numerous drawings and blueprints where changes have to be made very often. It is difficult to search through many documents and maintain a record of the changes made. Once changes are made in the original document, the original version may […]

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Transformation of 2D drawings into 3D models

A picture has a special visual appeal that strikes eye vision. A visual representation in 2D drawings is not as effective as a 3D model representation; however, the latter is slightly difficult to sketch. Computer software has made the task of 3D rendering very simple and quick. Architects, engineers and designers can now represent structures […]

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Geometric data structures for computer graphics

In recent years, methods from computational geometry have been widely adopted by the computer graphics designers. In computational geometry, it is often necessary to process geometric objects into simple structures so that operations on the objects can be performed easily and efficiently. This is called the geometric data structuring approach. This approach can be used […]

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Computer Aided Design and Design Automation

Initially, electronic circuits were designed by hand. The entire process was translated from electronics to graphics manually. Automation of design and drafting started in the mid-70s. This ground breaking invention advocated chip design. Soon, the complexity in chip designs increased leading to increased access to design verification tools. Most giant companies first used design automation […]

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