Big organizations need to communicate technical data on a large scale regularly. There may be numerous drawings and blueprints where changes have to be made very often. It is difficult to search through many documents and maintain a record of the changes made. Once changes are made in the original document, the original version may be lost forever. Data may be prone to loss or destruction. The best alternative in the circumstances is to convert data into electronic format. AutoCAD conversion services convert hard copies into digital format which makes archiving, retrieving, copying, editing and sharing the documents easy and quick.
autocad conversion services

Many companies offer AutoCAD conversion services of the following types.


  • Raster to vector conversion using softwares like AutoCAD, Microstation
  • DWG to DGN
  • DGN to DWG
  • JPG to DWG Conversion
  • PDF to DWG conversion


Advantages of CAD


  • It is easy to maintain and retrieve CAD files
  • Separate layers are generated for body, text, dimensions, hidden lines, centre-lines etc.
  • It separates text and creates its own layer
  • The output formats can be edited any number of times
  • It is easier to make changes and retain the original drafts
  • It is cost effective and time-saving
  • It saves space
  • CAD documents are safe from fire, water, termites and other types of damage
  • Data can be stored for a long time



During the construction process, building contractors for different Utilities (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Fire, CCTV, IT, etc.), work on different versions of design stage/ construction stage architectural drawings.
After the completion of building construction, it is required that the building maintenance staff, owners or tenants of various units in the building are handed over the As-built Architectural layout together with the layouts and positions of various utilities and its related equipment.
DIGITISE IT specializes in identification, clean-up and compilation of several drawings received from different Utility contractors to create an up-to-date As-built single CAD file for the building. The Layers, blocks specifications are redefined so as to make further updates to the drawings, DIY for the end-user. Different page-layouts per utility, helps the user to view the information related to that particular utility.
These layouts can be further segregated for various units in the building. This is specifically required in residential or commercial complexes with multiple units. Each residence/ unit holder can be provided with the CAD files or printed drawings for various facilities – Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, etc., relating to their units.


Expertise in AutoCad Conversion Services

Digitise IT is active in CAD automation and AutoCAD Conversion services for 16 years. Our clients avail of services in the areas of mechanical engineering, architectural design, civil engineering, electrical engineering and structural engineering design. We use a variety of CAD tools that ensure accuracy and consistency in the final products. We expertly handle client requirement of large volumes of data and drawings. We maintain a smooth communication flow with the in-house team in the company so that sharing and retrieving files is not cumbersome.
Handling a project begins with detailed discussion about different parts and stages of the project, file names, folder names and arrangement, data storage organization, layer and font styles etc.
Input and output is monitored regularly and the record is maintained with day, date and time details. Feedbacks included in our system and immediate cognisance of complaints helps to streamline the process smoothly. Quality check at every stage helps to enhance the process.
Our expert team understands your needs perfectly. We adhere strictly to the guidelines mentioned in the contract. Our aim is to provide clients with timely and quality service which is error-free. Our team is given appropriate training from time to time to enhance their skills and keep them up-dated about the latest developments and innovations in technology. We strive to bring the best and the latest to your doorstep at reasonable costs and least turnaround time. Partnering with Digitise IT for AutoCAD conversion services will be a great experience!