Before After Floorplans

Why 3D Floorplans are preferred

Floor plans are an important part of a real estate marketing collateral. Be it an architect serving a builder, or a builder selling to a property buyer, the buyer always wants to make a strategic decision based on maximum information available. A floor plan does precisely that. It provides a sense of the dimensions, the overall arrangement of various units and its correlation with one another.

How does conversion from 2D to 3D help?

Traditionally, 2D floorplans help the builders to get an approximate idea of how the residential or commercial property is going to be arranged together. However, it left a lot to be desired when it came to showcasing how it will actually look once the construction is done.

This is exactly where our 2D to 3D plans conversion services come in. Our 3D plans provide superior visualization of the design of the property and exact dimensions of the targeted physical construction. It gives an immersive experience about how the property is going to look like from a three dimensional view. The realistic 3D plans developed by DigitiseIT make it easier to demonstrate fit-outs or utilization of the proposed spaces.

floorplans conversion

Here are some reasons why our 2D to 3D conversion services comes in handy:

1 – Elevated visual appeal

2D plans are mere sketches across x and y axis to denote the dimensions of the units within a property. The boring black and white lines can never match the awesome 3D experience presented by 3D floor plans designed by us at DigitiseIT. 3D plans carry a visual appeal that is far ahead of 2D plans.

2 – Functional spaces

3D plans often augment additional information on the plans. So if the 2D plans show the rough dimensions of the property, our 3D plan will augment this with elements like furniture, fixtures, and furnishings. You can immediately sense the functional value of the physical space.

3 – Technical difference

Our 2D to 3D conversion service is like molding a small scale property design. Line by line wireframes and solid models are created using 3D technology and provide a 360 degree view. In comparison, 2D plans show only a flat, top side of the physical space to determine its dimensions and arrangement.

4 – Marketing made high performance

Imagine showcasing the property with the help of simple lines in black and white 2D floor plans. The likelihood to impress viewers with such bland plans will be very low. On the other hand, a full blown 3D model of the property designed by us can create an indelible impression on the viewer. Marketing managers are able to sell units faster and impress buyers better with the help of accurate and functional 3D floor plans developed by DigitiseIT.

The benefits of 3D floorplans show aptly why it makes total architectural sense to convert 2D to 3D plans from DigitiseIT. Our 18+ years of experience works strongly in our favor and helps us deliver 3D renditions and models to represent physical spaces in a functional yet highly effective way.