The popularity of 3D rendering and modelling services is on the rise every year. Engineering, construction, interior and exterior design industries have realised the benefits that computer-generated imagery (CGI) provide and have started using the same to the fullest potential. This is because 3D visualization has the potential to show up things that are not there as yet or produce high-quality images in bulk at a cheaper price.

The modern marketplace is challenging for both new and old companies. While new companies have to find their footing and establish themselves, old companies have to upgrade to go along with the latest trends and learn to use cutting-edge technology. One of the ways in which old companies can stay afloat in the market is by collaborating with 3D rendering and modelling services. However, it is important to have a clear understanding as to how 3D rendering and modelling can give life to your designs.

3D Rendering & Modelling

#1: High-Quality Images

Both hand-drawn sketches and 3D visualization create things that are not currently there in the real world. However, the benefit of using the latter option is the creation of images that cannot be distinguished from photographs. The high-quality images leave nothing to the imagination and, therefore, helps win construction contracts.

#2: Animation using 3D Rendering

Visual storytelling is crucial when marketing projects and it is more effective if it is possible to incorporate animation. 3D animation software enables you to do exactly that. The use of 3D rendering and modelling enables you to create impressive project presentations. It includes 360-degree views, animated tours, and walk-throughs.

#3: Interior Designing

In the field of architecture, 3D modelling can be used to fill up interiors. Identifying and buying the right kind of fillings for spaces takes away a lot of time as it calls for a great deal of probing and experimenting. 3D modelling gives you the power to experiment with different fillings rather quickly and hit upon the best-suited ones. 3D modelling software helps architects visualize their concepts without any budget constraints and the need to build something.

#4: Multiple Views

There are tons of details in architectural projects and they can be combined to provide stunning effects to the viewers. 3D rendering and modelling help create visuals, showcasing buildings from different angles and close-up views of every nook and corner. These pictures can even be created in bulk.

#5: Easy to Incorporate Changes

Corrections are part and parcel of any project. There will always be changes to meet the needs and wants of customers. In the case of hand-drawn sketches, it is a tedious process. The area has to be identified and then changes have to be incorporated. 3D rendering and modelling make it a hassle-free affair. Its flexibility makes it easy to change size, shape, colour, or texture.

#6: Printing

3D modelling has made many things possible now. You can create prototype 3D objects very fast and at affordable costs. The output from 3D modelling includes the following:

  • 3D models printed using a 3D printer
  • 2D images created through 3D rendering
  • 3D simulations of objects or buildings

Summarizing, 3D rendering and modelling help you to give life to your designs and grow your business and enjoy an edge over the competition.