Accurate and precise technical designs, drawings and drafts are vital to the work of mechanical engineers, architects, and product designers and applicable to almost any type of work you can think of. Even jewelry is designed by CAD Outsourcing !! CAD software has come as a magic wand to designers and draftsmen who had to spend tedious hours, struggling with pencils and rulers to achieve the desired accuracy, which they never could do to perfection. CAD, like any other computer aided program, has all the benefits that come with computers.

CAD Outsourcing

CAD and its uses

CAD is also called CADD, indicating computer aided design and drafting. In electronic systems, it is known as Electronic Design Automation (ETA), in mechanical designing, it is called Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) or Computer Aided Drafting ( CAD), that is drafting and designing with the help of computers.

  • CAD implies the use of computer in creation, modification, analysis and optimization of designs.
  • It is used to increase the productivity of the designer
  • It improves the quality of designs
  • It improves communication through documentation
  • It is used to create a database for manufacturing
  • To create output in the form of electronic files for print, machining, or other manufacturing operations

CAD design features

  • Mechanical designs in the form of vector graphics
  • Raster graphics depicting overall appearance of objects
  • Additional information about materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances according to application specific details
  • Not just shapes but 2D and 3D effects
  • Designing curves and figures, surfaces and solids

A wide range of utility

CAD is an industrial art. It is used in automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace industries. It finds enormous application in architectural designs and prosthetics. It is widely used in computer animation. It is used for adding special effects in movies, in advertisements and technical manuals. CAD played an important role in merging the work of designers, engineers and draftsmen without eliminating any of the departments. Besides its use in designing tools and machinery, CAD is also used for designing all types of buildings from small, residential apartments to hospitals, commercial complexes and industrial structures. CAD is an evidence of the pervasive effect of computers in the industrial world.

When it can manage designing and layout of products and constructions to perfection, its ubiquity can be understood. With CAD finding use in almost every field of knowledge it has become a foundation of modern digital technology. There is no doubt that CAD is at the root of modern drafting and designing tasks.

Who to choose for CAD Outsourcing?

Digitise IT has extensive CAD Drafting experience spanning wide spectrum of Engineering domains – Architectural, Architectural MEP detailing, Structural and Fabrication drawings as well as Mechanical Parts and Assembly drawings.

In addition, Digitise IT has undertaken extensive amount of work in CAD drafting of Piping and Instrumentation (P&I) diagrams, Electrical Schematics, Ship construction drawings, Water and sewage treatment plant drawings and GIS mapping.

Digitise IT ensures creation of accurate CAD drawings, as per ISO, AIA or customer defined CAD drafting with specifications of scale, dimensions, dimensions styles, font styles, layers and symbols.

Digitise IT offers CAD Drafting services using different CAD platforms – AutoCAD®, BricsCAD®, SketchUP Pro,

CAD Outsourcing at reasonable costs

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