Case Study:

A customer in UK is a large Bank and has its offices housed in a 15 floored building. Though, the customer was interested in the Cleanup and Compilation of As-built drawings for each floor, we started work on one floor drawings as a Pilot Project.

As a pilot project, for cleanup and compilation of the as built record drawings information of Architectural and all building utilities, the customer provided us with 30 record drawings for one floor. These 21 drawings had approximately 1872 layers.

Since the Various Utility contractors – Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Fire, Security systems, Plumbing, IT, Space planning, etc., took on work at different stages of Building construction, the CAD files handed over to them were of different versions with differences in even the Architectural layouts.

The Work involved Digitise IT team to

  • List and compile the source data.
  • Identify the correct Base drawing layers for Architectural details.
  • Further segregation of files for information pertaining to different utilities.
  • Identify missing information files.
  • Clean-up of duplicate and overlapping information.
  • Remove any external references and bindings for layer cleanups.
  • Compile each Utility’s separate legend.
  • Rename old layers as per approved layer list.
  • Redo and rename symbols and blocks as per legend.
  • Redo/ modify text and dimension styles as per specifications.
  • Create Page Layouts for each Utility with correct Legend, Title, drawing and revision information.

A Single CAD file containing all relevant information was delivered to the customer, with limited 260 layers, proper and easy to understand Layer name convention, entities definition and multiple Paper Layouts for each utility with only the relevant information visible.

Previous Layer clip
Previous Layer Clip - As built record drawings

New Layer List
New Layer Clip - As built record drawings

This pilot work for Cleanup and Compilation of As-built information for one floor took approximately 200 hours.

Digitise IT created a Detailed Project specific reference document defining the methodology, the source drawings information and the list of non-relevant layers and information, to enable more efficient work flow for other fourteen floors. Time Taken on subsequent floors took fifty percent lesser time.

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