Case Study:
Cad Conversion of
Legacy Paper Drawings

One of our customers is India’s largest Electricity generation and distribution companies owning thousands of square meters of Land in and around reservoirs and dams. They also have Electricity generation and distribution Plants and an extensive network comprising of cables, pipes and Transmission towers.

The customer had thousands of hand-drafted paper drawings for their plants and Land maps, some dating back to over 100 years, created by various draftsmen.

Digitise IT has CAD-drafted most of these drawings to AutoCAD format, with extremely detailed specifications taking care that that the individual styles of various draftsmen is not reflected in the drawings.

The different range of drawings converted to CAD drawings is

  • Architectural drawings – Plans, elevations and sections (paper to CAD conversion), Interior layouts of buildings, including equipment layout – HVAC, Electrical, piping and plumbing, etc.
  • Civil drawings – Foundation details, columns, beams, piers layouts -with Reinforcement details, Layout Plans, Site Plans.
  • Piping layouts – Piping and instrumentation diagrams, Isometric piping drawings, Piping and anchorage drawings for Hydel power stations.
  • Electrical Subsystem design – Design of Switchboards, Control Panels and Logic circuits used in large Electrical installations.
  • Fabrication drawings – Design of Transmission towers.
  • Mechanical Drawings – Bearings, jigs and fixtures, Belt conveyors, Tool Designs, Pump drawings, turbine drawings.
  • Graphs – Rainwater, floodwater, ground level detail, Layout of transmission towers and transmission lines with respect to ground level.
  • Maps – Village maps – cadastral mapping, Topographical maps, Underground electrical and telecommunication cabling drawings

Digitise IT also created an interactive specification document, which is available to all the project team members, as a single click access. Digitise IT also developed a Drawing management System, ensuring quick retrieval of drawings, quick search using key words.

Project Manager stated – “Our Company is in production, transmission & distribution of power business since 1920. The construction of power houses & dams, as well as duct line work started in 1912 as per the vision of our late founder. The design as well as construction drawings prepared for the same, were still preserved by our department viz. civil design & construction dept., located at various locations 1925 in paper format. We had also preserved transmission tower design & fabrication drawings since 1920 onwards.

We are holding approximately 15000 to 16000 drawings, out of which approximately 5000 to 5500 drawings are very old. These drawings are prepared by various draftsmen at various times. Many of these drawings were in torn conditions, really in bad shapes I joined at design office, in 1997. Hence, we decided to preserve them in electronic media, which is to best of our knowledge – the media for preservation of old data.

After a lot of deliberations & tendering process etc., we awarded this CAD Conversion of Legacy Paper Drawings project to M/S Digitise IT.

We are very happy about the outcome of this venture in which not only are our cad drawings standardized to the layers, colors or text styles, but Digitise IT team has looked into the minutest of details to ensure that the different draftsmen styles of different hatch patterns, symbols, stencils, text details, etc., are not visible in the cad drawings. Furthermore, we are very impressed with the extremely comprehensive specification document prepared by them and they update the document as soon as they come across a new feature in any drawing, making sure that the standard for that feature is available, even if it appears in another lot of drawings after a long duration.”

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