Case Study:
Mapping and Attribute Extraction

One of our US based client, marked-up the manholes and pipelines and other equipment of the sewage collection system on the district maps detailing roads and parcels and coordinate values (Latitude and Longitude values of a point).

Digitise IT received
Mapping and Attribute Extraction Case Study

  • 95 such sheets
  • CAD map of the entire districts road and parcels layout.

Committed turn around time: 30 working days.

Project involved the vectorization of the

  • Sewage collection system network layout from these sheets.
  • This information captured from each sheet was stitched up (mosaic) to form one CAD map detailing the sewage collection system of the area
  • This sewage collection system was superimposed on the existing map in CAD format of the area elaborating the Roads and the Parcels.
Mapping and Attribute ExtractionThe specifications required each Manhole, Sump pump, diversion boxes, Lift stations, etc. had to be tagged with attributes like – Identification number, sheet number (the paper drawing number), depth and rim diameter. Each pipeline was attributed with the Id number (combination of the manholes at both end which also described the flow), sheet number, length, slope, diameter and the material of the pipe. The attributes would be extracted to form a database of the entire collection system.
We, at Digitise IT developed for this project
Mapping and Attribute Extraction
  • Specific AutoLISP programs to not only speed up the vectorization process but also to automate the creation of certain attributes like sheet numbers and the pipe identification numbers.
  • The specification and the instruction manual for in-house use.

During the digitization process, constant interaction with the client was required for
clarification of queries that came up. The instruction manual was updated regularly for the clarifications received.

The Mapping and Attribute Extraction project was finished and the final seamless Sewage collection drawing was mailed to the Client in 20 working days.

Mapping and Attribute Extraction
The project cost the Client about a sixth of that quoted for, by a similar company to Digitise IT, in the US.

A brief note from the Project Engineer, Client, verbatim

“I would like to commend you on your quality control and your persistent questions to make sure that the project has been completed on time and with high quality.”