Computer technology has led to the creation of software for numerous purposes not only making manual efforts redundant but also bringing magical effects to work. One area in which marvelous innovation is brought about by software is photography. Photography and video capturing of images and events are the only ways of preservation of realistic moments on a permanent basis against the passage of time. Photography depends, to a large extent, upon the equipment used, the quality and accuracy that it can maintain and its practical utility. The picture quality also depends to some extent upon the lighting, background and other physical conditions conducive to photography. At the same time, photography is both, a skill and an art. The skill lies in handling the equipment for best effects and making the best of existing physical conditions. The artist decides the angle, the coverage, distance, colour combination and final presentation of the image. Every individual cannot be a skilled photographer, yet almost every individual has craze for clicking photographs and giving a permanent existence to every special temporary occasion in life.
Starting with capturing black and white photographs in situations and conditions as and how they existed, the art of photography has come a long way today. Every mobile phone is fitted with a camera which also allows for selfies.
Modern cameras and equipment enable excellent quality imaging which can be further modified by special software. The new artist shows his talent in retouching images to enhance their outlook and effect. As in everything else, presentation is important in photographs as well.

The need for Digital Photo Enhancement

Editors of magazines and newspapers have to add/delete some content, change a word here or there and correct errors to produce a good piece of writing. An article may be really good and valuable but polishing and enhancing it makes it better.


The work of editing and retouching photographs is similar. It enhances the appearance of an image. Photographs clicked in natural conditions contain some features which need to be changed, eliminated, added or modified for improved appearance. For example, in portrait photography, in a close-up shot, faint blemishes are visible. The skin tone may not be appropriate. Teeth may look yellowish, the eyes may have a reddish hue and there may be a few unnecessary objects in the background which cannot be avoided while taking the photographs. Colours or shades have to be changed in nature photography for highlighting some aspects. Product photography cannot be commercially successful without touching and editing for enhancement.

digital photo enhancement services - Before & After

Retouching and editing are essential for the following reasons:


  • This is an age of online marketing. Images are the soul of virtual shops when customers cannot actually see and handle products. Clear and quality images give a better idea about the product to viewers.
  • Photos give a boost to content whether they are part of a message, web page or Facebook posts.
  • Photos enrich the presentation of a product. In exhibitions, photographs of products are displayed in addition to the actual product. The photographs afford a different perspective that has a positive impact on viewers.
  • Photo images are impressed on the inner eye and deeply influence viewers.
  • Photos carry a greater impact in advertisements compared to written content.


The magic of retouching

Experts achieve great magical feats by editing & retouching photographs through digital photo enhancement techniques.

  • Old worn out photos may be damaged due to weather and time. With photo restoration techniques, old photographs can be restored to former glory. Minor cracks, folds, creases can be smoothed. Faded colours can be brightened and missing parts added.
  • Images can be manipulated to serve your purpose. Unnecessary details are removed from the background and illusions are created to develop a totally different picture. Colours can be added to B&W photos. An extra element is added here and there. Technical details are presented with sharpness and clarity that cannot be shot onsite. Multiple images can be merged as a single composite image.
  • The focus in certain images needs to be altered. Sometimes, the background takes away the show concealing the significant part of the image. Images are clipped to add brightness or darkness. Sometimes, the background is removed completely. The image is retouched to remove blemishes, scars or glares. Light and shadows are changed to give a realistic effect.


Digital photo enhancement services demand


  • Celebrities and models need digital photo enhancement services for creating attractive portfolios the way they want them.
  • Photographers constantly require retouching and editing jobs to provide better quality images to customers and clients.
  • Graphic designers need retouching services.
  • Advertising agencies have to use product photographs for promotion of marketing.
  • Photos are an integral part of social media.
  • Printers need photographs for brochures and pamphlets.
  • Manufacturers engage editors for creating sharp and clear images of machinery with minute technical details. They are used for training purpose or as records of designs.
  • Architects, contractors and builders require retouched and improved photos of designs.
  • Doctors and sportsmen also need creative photographs.


Photo editing and retouching software is essential for breathing professionalism in an image. Retouching makes an image suitable for the market. Digital photos come in various formats like JPG, PDF, BMP and TIF. There are times when technicians have to face compatibility issues.
DigitiseIT uses latest photo editing software that comes with features that enable viewing, importing or exporting any image format so that there are no compatibility concerns.
DigitiseIT offers digital photo enhancement services using specialized software, Adobe Photoshop and available lens plug-ins. Each digital photograph is corrected using techniques to achieve sharpening and colour enhancement, correction of lens distortion, straightening of edges, cropping, trimming and clean-up of unnecessary entities, removal of dirt on lens or patches on the photograph.
DigitiseIT specializes in the creation of VR-Tours by stitching photographs. These photographs are clicked using the fish-eye lens by professional photographers. We create tours by stitching these photographs to ensure a full/ 360 degree view of the area under consideration. The output requirement can be varied as a movie file or html file.