—— Our Services ——

—— Our Services ——

DRAWING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (DMS)Drawing Management System (DMS Services)

Digitise IT is a complete Drawing Management System solutions provider to Engineering companies and aids customers, not only in CAD drawing, drafting and digitization but also in their management.

Most organizations with large number of drawings struggle with proper management of the project documents and related CAD drawings. Therefore, it is imperative to have an overall solution for storage, retrievals and modifications, reviewing approvals, printing and publishing.

DigitiseIT helps build a customized Drawing management system (DMS) to facilitate management, editing, transfer, sharing and security of a large number of drawings including linking objects/ entities in drawings to the customer information database system. This system also helps with Integration of Drawings, Documents, Email Communication, user rights, controls ownership of documents, revision control, etc. related to a Customer Order number.

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