Construction work is multiplying on a global scale all over. Whether residential or commercial, a crucial part of construction work is electrification, especially in this age when Gen X looks for comforts and luxuries that depend for a major part upon electricity. Just as an architectural plan is essential before construction, an electricity supply plan is equally important. Nowadays, these plans are prepared by using electrical CAD services. Electrical CAD process is simple, fast and accurate. Electrical designing and drafting are useful for preparing electrical site plans, power and lighting plans, demolition plans and electrical rooms for commercial buildings, industrial units, residential buildings, hospitals and institutions. There is no kind of construction where normal functions can be performed without efficient electrical plans.
electrical cad services

Best use of Electrical CAD drawing and drafting


  • Quality – For making best use of electrical drawing and drafting services, one important factor is quality. It is not the task and any and sundry; it requires professionally trained experts to carry out the projects.
  • Security – Electrical drawings are precious and those who carry out the task must keep them safe and secure. They must not be shared or leaked out.
  • Accuracy – Electrical drawings are of no value if they are not accurate. Professional experts make them precise and accurate to the maximum extent.
  • Processing time – Preparing electrical drawings is part of initial work before construction begins. Budget and time period for completion of work depends upon previous blueprints and electrical drawings. If they are delayed, the entire project gets delayed because no further calculation of time or budget can be made.
  • Pricing – Accuracy and quality are essential o doubt but the pricing for the same must be reasonable and fair. Companies should try to provide the best quality at lowest prices.
  • Communication – An important part of implementation of a project is smooth communication between the service provider and the client/customer. Since electrical drawings are prepared in advance before the project execution commences, changes can be made well in time, thus saving time and money. The necessary changes and monitoring of project by the customers is possible only if there is regular and smooth communication between the two parties.


Electrical CAD drawings and designs are required in:


  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial units
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Multi-storeyed buildings
  • Electrical rooms
  • Substations
  • Educational institutions


AutoCAD vs Electrical CAD

Both AutoCAD and electrical CAD software can be used for constructional purposes. Each type has its own pros and cons. You use one type of drill for drilling a hole in the wall and a piece of wood for making a hole in a board. If you use one for the other, well you can still do the job but you will take a longer time and the results will not be the same. You must use the appropriate tool for each job for best results. The same metaphor applies to AutoCAD and electrical CAD for constructional purposes.
AutoCAD is the most commonly used construction software. It is used for making drawings, making changes in shapes, sizes, adding effects, changing diameters and viewing the drawing from different perspectives. It is also possible to create electrical documentation in AutoCAD, but that is not what it is designed for. With AutoCAD, you can design electrical symbols, draw ordering lists, write texts, draw schematic diagrams and much more. However, you cannot have the ordering lists filled out automatically; you cannot have the texts translated automatically. You cannot gather all the diagrams in the same file with automatic references between the pages. Moreover, the software is basically designed for construction purposes so adding extra electrical functions becomes time consuming.
All electrical professionals are not experienced AutoCAD users. Hence, the wisest option is to use software which enables the electrical department to create documentation directly.
For producing electrical documentation you need the following functions:

  • Wire numbering
  • Intelligent copying
  • References between pages
  • Reference designations
  • Update of lists/ connection lists
  • Support of electrical standards
  • Mounting of correct drawings
  • Automatically generated graphical cable and terminal plans
  • Automatic translation of texts ( in case you are doing business with other countries)
  • Identifying which part of texts to translate

The power of Electrical CAD

  • In electrical CAD software the symbols in the diagrams are intelligent
  • The electrical connection points of the components can be identified
  • The software can update all kinds of lists automatically
  • The symbols have an article number for the component they represent
  • It is control built to control all te functions automatically

The time saving process

  • Select the component and the corresponding symbol
  • Place the symbols on the diagram and the data are automatically transferred
  • The software fills out all kinds of lists automatically. There is no need for you to type it out.
  • The copied symbols retain the original data

Hence, a good deal of time is saved!!!

With this magical software you can combine the powers of AutoCAD and electrical CAD and get the best results.

DigitiseIT boasts of 16+ years of CAD experience to global customers offering the following CAD Services:


  • Cadastral maps, topo sheets, Underground electrical and telecommunication cabling drawings, Rainwater, floodwater, Ground level detail
  • Layout of transmission towers and transmission lines with respect to ground level
  • Design of Switchboards, Control Panels and Logic circuits used in large Electrical installations.
  • Layout of transmission towers and transmission lines with respect to ground level
  • Digitization of maps detailing utilities like underground cabling, piping, sewage system, water systems, natural Gas piping, etc per real world co-ordinates, for GIS projects.


Outsourcing electrical CAD services

DigitiseIT has a number of advantages.


  • Outsourcing lets you pay for only the service you need, when you need it.
  • Reduces the need to hire & train specialized staff.
  • Reduces Capital & Operating expenses further offering you greater budget flexibility & control.
  • You may seek internal savings to focus money and resources towards core business.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with higher value addition jobs.
  • Makes best use of competitive resources available worldwide.
  • When you outsource to Digitise IT, we ensure maximum quality by using our QC processes.
  • We assure you the same level of consumer satisfaction.
  • We assure you transparent project management through efficient planning of communication flow and other measures.
  • We also have the ability to expand our resources base in minimum time to accommodate sudden and quantitative increase in project requirements.