Fabrication drawing services are required in engineering and construction industries on a wide scale. They play an important role in constructing a structure or manufacturing products precisely. Fabrication drawing is extremely useful to designers and engineers in creating accurate and effective drawings of structures and products. Fabrication drawings are pictorial representations of structures. They provide detailed information about pre-fabricated components. They contain all details of what components will be used to make the structures, the materials, sizes, shapes, assembly details and installation details of all the parts. Some examples of pre-fabricated building components are cabinets, elevators, appliances, windows etc. The drawings enable the engineers to develop structures properly on the basis of detailed and essential information provided about the design specifications and dimensions.
fabrication drawing services

Fabrication drawings

Fabricating serves the needs of countless companies and applications, with an integral role in the production of components, assemblies, tooling, equipment, and more.  From various medical devices to aircraft components to automotive manufacturing, fabrication is heavily involved. Heavy fabrication projects can include structural assemblies, heavy-duty frame construction, heavy plate fabrications, and more.  Small and large mill operations can be done, and material capabilities include aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, and most alloys. Sheet metal fabrication services include all phases of forming, punching, shearing, and welding—from light gauge work to heavy gauge plate and frame construction.

Fabrication drawings are detailed specific type of drawings used when a number of items are assembled together as fabrication. The drawings include a list of the material parts for building fabrication as well as weld details. Fabrication drawings are mostly used for sheet metal, structural steel, handrails, structural steel etc.

Although fabrication and construction drawings are presented as separate categories, both supply information about the manufacture or assembly of a component or structure.  They differ only with regard to subject matter; while fabrication drawing provides information about how a machine part is fabricated in a machine shop, construction drawing provides information about construction or assembly of large structures or systems. Fabrication drawings are required in abundance in machine fabrication shops where actual machine work is performed.

Fabrication drawings depict the part of component as an orthographic projection, affording spatial view. Spatial ability is the mental manipulation of objects and their parts in 2D or 3D space. We can perceive an accurate and complete picture of every object in terms of shape and size ( even real life-size). Orthographic view means representing a 3D object in 2D drawing by projecting all edges on a single plane so that all projection lines are ortho or perpendicular to the plane and parallel with each other.

Importance of fabrication drawings

Engineering and construction demand a great deal of accuracy. A slight error can result in loss of valuable time and money. The design, strength and integrity of steel structures are the responsibility of the structural engineer, while complying with the major dimensions and building codes are the responsibility of the architect. The detailer is responsible for getting the steel detailing drawings approved by the structural engineer and the architect prior to release for fabrication. The drawings have to follow set standards of the industry.

A design professional should be aware of the involved liabilities and should be able to meticulously review and approve shop drawings before they reach the site and are used for construction process. Shop drawings for construction provide an insight into how particular elements are built, erected and installed.

Construction Shop drawings are done with a purpose of providing the contractor with all the required details that enable him to carry out the construction tasks, in a safe, secure and efficient manner, without causing any damage to property and people on site.

Professionals must consider the following factors while preparing fabrication drawings:

  • Identification of parts or items that require drawings
  • Employing a team of experts who can handle the task with efficiency and responsibility
  • Ensuring the quality and accuracy of drawings
  • Getting approval from all stakeholders involved in the project
  • Complying with standards in the country
  • Meeting deadlines

Fabrication drawing services are useful for preparing the following:

  • Steel erection plans
  • Site detail plans
  • Technical specifications for bid preparation
  • Structural foundation, analysis and modelling
  • Drawings of columns, braces and beams
  • Erection drawings
  • Anchor setting plan
  • Bolt summary
  • Mechanical details from drilled holes to edge
  • Steel trusses members and connection among the members


CAD support

Nowadays, Structural Fabrication Drawing Services and Structural Shop Drawing Services are executed by using various types of advanced CAD and BIM software’s such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, etc. these drawing tasks cannot be carried out without possessing the necessary software. Engineers have to be trained to prepare drawings using latest software and technology. Hence, companies prefer to outsource the fabrication drawing services. In this way, they can save a considerable amount of time and money and get quality work.

Outsourcing fabrication drawing services

Traditionally, preparation of fabrication drawings was a tedious process. It involved lot of time and energy. The drawings could not be shared widely among the concerned stakeholders. There was risk of damage or theft/misuse of the drawings. Fabrication drawings are vital to construction and engineering industry and they count as valuable documents. With CAD technology, it has become easy and quick to prepare fabrication drawings. They can be saved, changed any number of times and shared by all concerned at the same time. They can be revised and reviewed over and over again.

Preparing fabrication drawings with the help of technology requires expertise and experience. A company cannot be expected to have qualified and expert staff for the purpose or hire people for short durations. Drawings are required only before a project is launched. Once they are approved and finalized, the job of the designer ends. Hence, it is wiser to outsource fabrication drawing services.

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