fire evacuation plans

Fire evacuation plans help people escape from a building if a fire breaks out for some reason.  Such a plan is essential to save peoples’ lives. Any organization that employs more than 5 people is bound by law to carry out a risk assessment for fire mishaps and ensure that they put in place fire evacuation procedures. If differently abled people are being employed, additional evacuation procedures need to be implemented.

People working in an organization and visitors to the premises must have a clear idea about the safest exit route if there is a fire and at times of other emergencies. When a fire is detected, people should be moved to a safe place as efficiently and quickly as possible. Therefore, the key to successful evacuation calls for marking the best way to exit the building and reach a safe place. Fire evacuation plans provide the necessary guidance in this regard.

Traditional Method Vs. Computer-Aided Design

Traditionally, the plans used to be created manually by draftsmen. It used to be a labour oriented and time-consuming procedure. Autocad has made things much easier for the industry. Autocad drafting services have taken it further ahead, by saving costs and providing advanced services to various industries. Industries have to just outsource their requirements to Autocad drafting service providers.


DigitiseIT has been providing computer-aided design (CAD) services ever since 2000 and has been providing its expertise to clients across the globe. Further, we are proud of the fact that we have provided high-quality CAD drafting services to organizations spanning diverse engineering domains such as Architecture, Structural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Piping and Instrumentation, among others.

Elements Included In DigitiseIT’s Fire Evacuation Plan Diagrams

In order to help people understand the fire evacuation procedures, routes, and the location of firefighting equipment, it is essential to prepare floor plans and display them in prominent points. We design the escape plan in accordance with the client’s evacuation strategy to address the specific needs. As such, the fire evacuation plans will indicate:

  • Fire stairs and elevators
  • Fire indicator panel
  • Location of firefighting equipment
  • Emergency exit points
  • Title-block
  • Assembly points
  • Legends and annotation

The minimum size of paper used for displaying the plan will be A3. In rooms, plans will be displayed in A4 sheets.

fire evacuation plan

Key Features of Our Fire Evacuation Plans

  • They enable staff members and visitors to clearly and easily identify the way to an exit point nearby without wasting time.
  • They come with clear and precise labeling to enable a quick evacuation.
  • The plans will have a clear and precise representation of the building plan. In addition to architectural details, major structural fittings and furnishing will also be shown using 2 to 3 color tones.
  • We understand our client’s requirements and follow their CAD standards when preparing evacuation drawings. We also have the expertise to build custom templates as per our clients’ specification.
  • We will incorporate the logo, address and other details related to the brand into the plans.
  • We provide high-resolution plans. They won’t pixelate even when large scale printing is employed. We employ the latest technology to ensure the best output.