Are images enough to help prospective home buyers take a more informed decision?
Home photographs lack the spatial aptitude to enable customers to visualize the home in its entirety. In fact the image of an empty room gives a feeling of hollowness.

As against that, when you provide images along with a floor plan depicting a “Home Design’, it can quickly give customers a holistic picture of the structure.

Floor Plans help to:

  • give a distinct shape and size to an empty space.
  • find the location of each room in relation to the other rooms.
  • see the paths of movement inside the home.
  • see the usable space inside each room.
  • know the location and sizes of passages.
  • understand the exact location of the home with respect to the geographical directions as well as the surroundings.
  • get vital information like the number and location and sizes of doors and windows.
  • understand details of utilities like heating, cooking gas supply, water storage.

The customer will be able to visualize how much is the storage space and where is it located.

Floor plans can be easily e-mailed and are thus a big help when dealing with clients.

A prospective home buyer will wish to physically inspect a home. The floor plan is bound to bring him to this next stage.
When a buyer checks multiple home choices in a day, he is confused and by the end of the day, he can’t tell one home from the other.

But if you include a House Design in your sales brochure, the prospective buyer can easily remember the home you offered as if it were a person with a distinct face.

It will also help you be different from the run-of-the-mill home agencies. So it will enhance your image as a more professional and hence reliable sales agent.

A home design helps the customer imagine the furniture and accessories in an empty space.

The decision of buying a home is very emotional. So if a prospective buyer can quickly feel that he belongs to the home that you are offering him, then there is a big probability that a buy decision will be made.

Though properties are sold based on the floor space area, actually the buyer is going to use a 3D space. Hence a home design floor plan which includes a simple sectional view helps the prospective buyer in imagining the furniture he can place in various rooms. The height of the room matters. Also once he imagines how he can spend comfortable evenings in the living room or a cosy night’s sleep in the master bed-room, or how he can sit on the large balcony and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, he immediately gets emotionally attached to the home you are offering. This falling-in-love feeling is critical and what drives the decision of buying the home.

Some tips regarding Home design floor plans:

  • A sharp line plan showing the name of each room and toilets, utilities like drying space, designated passages and store rooms helps the lay-man customer understand the home plan easily.
  • A simple Home plan giving clear dimensions of usable space of each room as well as each niche is important.
  • However, too many details as given in a plan for getting permission from the local authorities will result in a clutter and dissuade the buyer.
  • A simple section view will tell the home buyer the 3D space he is going to get.
  • Use of colours to distinguish rooms will be very attractive and useful.
  • Depiction of pre-fitted accessories like toilets and wash-basins will be more effective.
  • A separate key plan showing the surroundings and a clear indication of geographical North will help the buyer understand the location of the home with respect to the surroundings.

You will need professional services to obtain the Home plans as mentioned above. DigitiseIT has a long experience of 20 years and all the necessary resources in making simple but effective floor plans for Home design.

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