Why are Floor Plans Important in Real Estate

For a real estate builder, it is vital to provide complete information and a clear picture of a building or construction. This can help him carry out project marketing in an effective manner. By having a visually appealing floor plan built to scale of the actual property, the project can be marketed and presented to the customer in a crisp and informative way.

Floor Plans for Real Estate

How are floor plans vital to your property marketing goals?

In many cases, a property brochure provides pictures of the overall project; however, it doesn’t come with complete details of the property floor plan. But with 2D and 3D processes taking over the real estate planning and execution, floor plan conversions began getting importance as buyers can now imagine themselves in the property. Photographs give only visuals of the property, but floor plans give complete details about each space.

In a broader sense, floor plans are essential parts of the property selling process. Real estate companies usually outsource the floor plan conversion to professional companies backed by 2D and 3D rendering tools. The vendor agency does the conversion of floor plans for marketing purpose.

 Why are Floor Plans Important in Real Estate


Why is specialist Floor Plan creation important?

There are multiple reasons why it is a smart move to hire a CAD service company to obtain 2D / 3D design of the floor plans.

It gives Perspective:

One of the major reasons why floor plans are important is because they are to the point.

From knowing the size of rooms to how different rooms are interconnected – Everything is presented in an elaborate way. A detailed view of the project is what the buyers get as a value add.

Tool to Communicate:

A floor plan acts as a tool to engage with the buyer. Does the hall have enough space to place two huge sofas? Is there space for a closet? Many such questions are answered and ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Gives a Reality Check:

One of the best things about going through the floor plan is the details provided. The elaborate visuals will always outweigh the specification provided by plain photos. For instance, a floor plan will give a clear indication if the armchair will fit in the bay window area or not.

It Inspires Change:

There are two ways potential buyers could consider buying a home after checking the illustrated plan.   The floor plan will illustrate the entire area of the home. The plan also provides a complete idea about   architecturally possible changes the developer and home buyer needs.

Reason for Floor Plan Conversion Service:

A real estate website may have photographs of every apartment. But, without having a concrete floor plan, images will be incomplete. Aesthetically appealing floor plans are created using 2D & 3D software tools, making the conversion look realistic and giving  a complete picture.

At DigitiseIT, the entire 3D format of the floor plan conversion is done by a team of professionals. From furniture floor plans to measurement, the professional company does 3D modeling and 3D drafting using AutoCAD, SketchUp and other high end tools.


Getting the Benefits of DigitiseIT’s Expertise:

On-Time Delivery:

Backed by a team of professionals, DigitiseIT ensures that the floor plan conversion project is delivered on time without any flaws. By producing multiple rendering within a short time it allows the conversion to complete successfully.

Customizing Partner:

DigitiseIT offers complete customized service for home designs, house plans and 2D-3D floor plans. It covers furniture and fit-outs to represent the plan in a perfect way.

Interactive Floor Planning:

For many home buyers, 3D floor planning can be hard to understand. So, creating an interactive 3D floor plan model gives a true sense of space and function. This allows for better exploration of the space perfectly.

DigitiseIT’s CAD experts ensure detailed and precise delivery of floor plans for every type of real estate project. These plans give a complete outline of the apartment and the final draft can be used in marketing collateral, or for print or online brochures. With professionals on your side, you can be assured of receiving exceptional quality and accuracy.