Geospatial technology is technology that is used to acquire, manipulate and store geographical information. GIS Drafting is a system that captures, stores, manipulates, analyses and manages all types of geographical and spatial data. Geospatial maps can be prepared by using geospatial technology. Technology refers to modern tools that are used for preparing geographical maps. It includes a set of software tools for mapping and analysing georeferenced data with specific location on Earth.

engineering drawing management

Surveyors work alongside other engineers, architects and land developers to define legal land boundaries and provide essential engineering support for urban development, large infrastructure projects, the development and operation of mines and the management of the environment and resources. Geospatial engineers use new and developing technologies such as GPS, satellite imagery, laser mapping and fast computing to create complex layers of interconnected geographic information. Today we can measure position very accurately. We can make maps and look down on the world from satellite platforms, and visualise the natural and built environment in 3D. Geospatial information constantly reveals new insights about our world and our place in it.

Geospatial services

  • Managing, maintaining and tracking assets and resources
  • Coping with complex operations and the maintenance of IT/GIS systems
  • Integrating multiple data repositories and legacy systems
  • Addressing data integrity issues
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

Geospatial services are specialized services and require expertise of technically trained professionals. Business set-up schemes need geospatial consultancy and services of different types from the point of view of safety and risk management.

Benefits of GIS Drafting

The commercial uses of GIS are many. It has multiple applications.

  • It allows instant collaboration through the cloud. Engineers, architects, contractors etc. may be working on the same project from different locations. With GIS they can collaborate and share data through the cloud from anywhere so that there is no risk of making mistakes leading to rework.
  • With GIS it is easier to manage natural resources. Different places have different natural resources. GIS gives a complete picture and details of the natural resources at a given location so that management can be planned beforehand.
  • GIS promotes decision making and thus saves time. It is also cost effective.
  • Depending on the geographical condition, risks can be predicted or calculated. Provisions can be made in advance so that there are no natural disasters, thus saving economic and human loss. For example, some areas are prone to earthquakes or floods. Precautions can be taken before undertaking construction projects at these danger prone sites.
  • Resource allocation is also supported by GIS.

GIS Drafting and geo mapping services are useful for land records, infrastructure, urban planning agriculture, transport and logistics. provides all kinds of GIS Drafting services like geocoding, plotting points on Google earth, mapping areas etc. the company chiefly provides CAD conversion services in GIS. It has a long and rich experience in converting paper drawings to AutoCAD. DigitiseIT employs highly skilled technicians who prepare designs as per given specifications or else as per ISO standards. The expertise of DigitiseIT lies in producing drawings and drafts as per international design and drawing standards.