Matterport Scans

10 Matterport Scans

The 3D Camera technology Matterport is used for scanning 4K virtual tours of arenas, hotels, venues, retail, and many other real estate projects. It has the ability to capture a scan of any space to scale with 99.99 percent accuracy. In addition, it enables developers and builders to give their audience a feel of the project even before it is ready physically! This is the latest method of showcasing spaces on Google Street view and creating virtual 3D tour/walkthrough, 3D floor plans, still photos, and 360 panoramas. Matterport scans have quickly become the standard for immersive 3D content and online virtual tours not only for the real estate market but also for architecture, construction, and engineering.

10 Matterport Scans

Matterport Scans – Advantages

In the real estate market, technology has a big role to play as far as buyers and sellers are concerned. It helps to showcase properties in such a way that they remain in the market for a shorter period of time, reach across to a wider audience, and often sell for a higher value. Therefore, adding 3D Matterport to their gamut enables builders and developers to provide an enhanced view of a property and enjoy better sales.

As Matterport scans create 3D models of properties, they are uploaded on to the respective websites, allowing anyone to walk through the properties right from their personal computer. It enables real estate agents to show many properties at a time to potential buyers. Both the agents and prospective buyers don’t have to leave their home or office to see the property.

The features that make Matterport scans stand out among other virtual walkthroughs that have been used till date are:

Doll House

This feature enables the creation of a 3D image of the property. Further, all aspects of a home can be viewed by moving the image around. The property can be viewed as one unit or each level may be viewed separately. It also offers zoom in/out facility to enable a deeper look, if required.

Video Walkthrough

The key aspect related to this feature of Matterport is that it does not only walk viewers through each room but also allows the room to be viewed from multiple angles and perspectives.

360-Degree Views

Matterport also allows each room to be viewed separately through the 360-degree view feature. This enables viewers to explore the nooks and corners of each room as though they were in the room.


You can include floor plans with dimensions to Matterport. This enables buyers to gauge a room’s size and see how the furniture and other things would fit into any room with actual measurements.

Finally, the best aspect about Matterport is that it allows real estate sellers to showcase their properties 24-hours in a day and seven days a week. This is because, after the initial Matterport scan, the property can be viewed from anywhere around the world in the 3D format.

Established in 2000, DigitiseIT provides CAD services to clients around the world. Matterport scans are also offered as part of the company’s 3D visualization and modeling services.