In the past, all of the designs, whether architectural, mechanical, or civil, would be made by hand on a set of blueprints or paper. These blueprints contained all the necessary information to correctly design the intended project. But the mechanical engineering industry standard today is Mechanical CAD. So in other words, there are a lot of blueprints that need to be updated or converted to CAD. There are numerous organizations where technical data is treated as a critical asset. Efficient management of this data is important for the functioning of the business. Similarly, for companies where blueprints need to be created and stored, CAD conversion comes in handy. Converting hard copy paper work to electronic format makes archiving, retrieving, copying, editing, and sharing of the drawings easier.

mechanical cad services

In mechanical engineering, 3D CAD modelling can be defined as a process of developing accurate specifications and elaborate drawings to aid the design, construction and manufacturing of mechanical products and their components. 3D CAD modelling enables mechanical design engineers to create three-dimensional images that are nearly as realistic as the actual physical objects they represent. This comparatively new technique of Mechanical CAD is extensively used in various industries, including shipbuilding, car manufacturing, construction designs and manufacturing of virtually any complex mechanical product.

CAD Modelling in Mechanical Engineering

With 3D CAD modelling engineers can develop highly effective and technically precise and flawless design solutions. It is possible to pay minute attention to details. Engineers can try various models and come up with final specifications before the initial phase of the project. Mechanical CAD software has the ability to allow reuse of various design data throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. The software has an inherent power that makes the end product perfect, whatever the size or type of project.

To give an example, in case an engineer makes some changes in dimension of the product, all other related dimensions will change automatically. The engineer will not have to add any input. This will happen in real time. If a CNC programmer receives a CAD mechanical design, he can derive all the required dimensions from the model supplied. If the model is revised some days later, he can still find out the alterations deriving from the revision easily and without any extra effort on his part!

Techniques of 3D CAD modelling

Wire frame modelling – This is the simplest model. All the surfaces of the physical object are represented in the form of bare lines and arcs. The drawing techniques being simple, they are not useful for complicated projects wherein realistic effects are required.

Surface modelling – Surface models are comparatively more realistic than wire frame models. They are created with the help of 3D surfaces rather than bare lines and arcs. Multiple surfaces are joined to give the desired shape. The unnecessary backgrounds are hidden from view.

Solid modelling – The main factor that differentiates solid models from the other two types is that they are solid from inside. In short, a number of solid shapes are combines into a single 3D design. They are almost like physical objects that have density and weight. This makes them most suitable for mechanical products. It is possible to make life-size mechanical designs.

Features of Mechanical CAD


  • Drawing tools – designers have access to various design tools to create shapes and objects easily.
  • Layers – Project plans can be made in different layers.
  • Symbols – CAD software come with a large number of free smart symbols for creating drawings.
  • Macros and scripts – These enable the designers to speed-up repetitive tasks by creating short-cuts.
  • Raster to vector conversion:Raster to vector conversion is included in CAD. Vector drawings enable rapid scaling and manipulation capabilities.
  • API programs – designers can create and add new programmes to CAD
  • Absolute and relative coordinates:To build 3D or 2D drawings on X, Y, and Z coordinates.
  • Snaps, modifiers, and constraints:These enable higher precision and accuracy of the drawings.
  • Solid modelling:Solid modelling is a more advanced way of creating 3D objects which are treated as actual solids which have a material, mass, weight, volume, centre of gravity, etc.


Mechanical CAD services include:


  • 2D Drafting
  • CAD Conversion
  • CAD Modelling
  • 3D Rendering
  • Machine Assembly Animation
  • Mechanical Concept Design
  • Product Design Development
  • Design Engineering
  • Plant Design Engineering
  • Industrial Automation Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Solid works


Advantages of Mechanical CAD


  • Faster turnaround time
  • Greater efficiency
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Cost effective
  • Resource optimization
  • No training costs
  • Saving hard copy paper management
  • Easy sharing of drawings
  • Higher ROI
  • Benefits of latest technology


Why opt for Mechanical CAD Services?

As the marketplace evolves and technology benefits start affecting the bottom-line of a company, it is only beneficial to adopt innovative technologies to help businesses grow. Advantages of time, quality of work, reduction in costs are reasons enough for a company to throw away blueprints and adopt CAD. The fact that most production machinery gathers its design information from CAD is another contributing factor leading to CAD conversions.

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