Photo optimization – Removing Shadows

One area in which marvelous innovation is brought about by software is photography. Modern cameras and equipment enable excellent quality imaging which can be further modified by special software. The new artist shows his talent in retouching images & removing shadows to enhance their outlook and effect. Creating the best effects in a photograph so that they can be easily located by a search engine is called photo optimization. One way of achieving optimization is to remove unwanted shadows.

Photo optimization – Removing Shadows

Removing shadows from photos


Shadows can ruin a good photograph. They must be removed for best effects. At the same time, the originality of the photograph, its tones and colours must be retained. Dark shadows can affect great photographs. Shadows cover the fine lines and edges in an image. Shadows also change color and tone in an image. Algorithmic confusion is caused due to shadows.


Photoshop tools can be used for removing shadows. Changes can be made without destroying the image files. With the help of Photoshop tools you can select the shadow area by adjusting the precise size of the marker. By clicking the ‘erase’ button, the shadows can be removed. The skill lies in removing shadows and retaining all other salient features of the image.


Portrait photography: Shadows cast by the model on the wall behind do great damage to the image. This has to be removed. Sometimes, the illumination level on the model’s face has to be controlled. If too much light does not suit the facial features, shadows have to be darkened on the face.


Nature Photography: A number of photographs are clicked in a series in outdoor locations. The direction and intensity of the sunlight changes during the course of the day, casting shadows in different parts in an image. In order to achieve uniformity and consistency, the shadows have to be removed from all the photographs.


Product photography: The purpose of product photography is to enhance the appearance of the product. Unwanted shadows hide the significant minute parts of the product which must be clearly visible to the viewer. These shadows have to be removed skilfully.


Food photography: The image of food items has to appear attractive and relishing. It is all a matter of light and shadow. Carefully removed shadows and sharp lines and edges can make your mouth water when you see a good photograph.


Distracting shadows have to be removed from almost all types of images, including images of devices, gadgets, machine parts, buildings, restaurants; hotel rooms etc. shadow removing by using Photoshop tools has become common and essential for enhancing the images.