3D Floorplans help prospective property renters and buyers to take quicker decisions

Properties are rented or sold based on the floor space area. Floor plans and site plans help enhance the spatial aptitude by helping to visualize the property in its entirety.

Floor plans help a prospective buyer to visualise effectively – the liveable space, layout and proportion of rooms with respect to each other, access the number of rooms and bathrooms, etc. to quickly understand whether the house suits his requirements.

Though 2D floorplans are an effective tool to support your marketing listings, but 3D floorplans can further enhance the spatial realisation of the buyer with a perception layout by bringing in a 3rd dimension of height.

  • 3D floor plans help with understanding the actual floor space available with a perception of door and window widths and heights, kitchen work tops, Bathroom spaces and layouts, storage spaces, etc.
  • 3D floor plans help the buyers with easier visualisation of placing themselves in the 3D space and their movement from one room to another.
  • 3D Floor plans of a multi-level property help view the floors as individual units as well as in conjunction with each other.

Buying a property can be an emotional decision. If a prospective buyer can feel that he belongs to the space, then there is a higher probability of a quicker decision.

For commercial property buyers too, 3D floorplans with furniture layouts with seating arrangements provide a clearer understanding and possibilities of space utility.

Aesthetically created 3D Floorplans with furniture placements, interior accessories and plants, help the buyer to imagine the interior design possibilities.

Established in 2000, DigitiseIT offers professional services to create 3D Floor plans for your properties.

DigitiseIT has developed several different branding options for 3D Floor plans catering separately for

  • Real estate Listings with turn around time as low as 24 hours
  • High-end detailed 3D modelled floorplans specifically for the Property developers to aid their sales.

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