Real Estate Floor plans help prospective home buyers take a more informed decision and help accelerate the sales process

In earlier times, a prospective property buyer preferred to physically visit a property before reaching a final decision. However, visiting every property physically may not be feasible for a home buyer

With the advent of technology and various real-estate listing websites, it is now possible to narrow the search to select few properties, that match the buyer’s specifications – Space Area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, garden size, budget, etc.

Hence, it is imperative that the Property brochures, listings and E-brochures provide more comprehensive details of the properties supported by Real Estate Floor plans, Photo-graphs and videos.

Real Estate Floor plans help the buyer understand:

  • Layout and proportion of the spaces
  • the location of each room in relation to the other rooms.
  • see the paths of movement inside the property.
  • see the usable space inside each room.
  • get vital information location and sizes of doors and windows.

When a buyer checks multiple property choices in a day whether physically or online searches, he can’t tell one home from the other. But if Floor plans are included in sales brochures and online listings, the prospective buyer can easily remember the home and visualise himself in the space.
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Real Estate Floor plans with furniture help visualise the space and interior planning possibilities.

Even for a commercial property buyer, clear understanding of the layout and possibilities of space utility is the top priority. Floor plans provide this!

Studies show that property listing with Real Estate Floor plans get 40 percent more clicks and 95 percent more inquiries than the listings sans floor plans.

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