CAD is an important industrial art extensively used in many applications including automotive, ship-building, and aerospace industries, industrial designing and architectural designing, prosthetics and many more. It has the widest scope in engineering and architecture. The nature of architectural design requires an innumerable number of drafts to be created until the necessary accuracy and form of design is achieved. CAD aids the creative process of making the drawings and drafts that satisfy a customer. CAD software that is specially made for architects helps to perform these tasks efficiently, quickly and far more effectively than they can be done manually. Naturally, when CAD was first introduced, it became desirable and preferred; it has moved up in status and now it has become essential.
Architectural Designing

Uses of architectural designing


  • Real estate companies require 3D representations to promote sales
  • Communication of a variety of possible constructions to prospective clients
  • Attaching manufacturing details and pricing to objects
  • Creating architectural rendering with the help of other media like video cameras or solid models
  • Creating low cost dream home projects
  • For getting better understanding of the cost of building material
  • Viewing the interior and exterior of the house
  • Viewing several internal aspects
  • Pre-arranging advertisement displays before launch
  • Used by restaurant owners to view crockery placement or table arrangements


Advantages of CAD in architectural designing


  • It saves time and efforts
  • Representation is in 2D and 3D forms
  • The 3D model consists of all the required data
  • The designer can apply various design alternatives
  • Designer can immediately check the final output and costs
  • Better visualization of buildings and construction
  • Better insight
  • Generate architectural walkthroughs and virtual tours
  • Minimum errors
  • Revision of designs
  • Optimum use of materials
  • Lower project costs


Most companies nowadays outsource CAD designing services, BIM, architectural drawing and SketchUp drawing services. By outsourcing, you can get the jobs done by experienced professionals. It helps you to meet deadlines, thus building customer trust. Outsourcing gives a technical and functional edge in the competitive market. It helps to improve overall performance. Outsourcing is a wise option because you cannot afford the necessary resources. It allows you to focus on core issues. You can save on manpower and training costs. It enhances strategic advantages, improves efficiency and reduces overheads. Finally it offers great value addition.
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