Architectural CAD services involve the creation of  visual models of an edifice and the data needed for other specialists involved. They empower the architects that are in charge of building the edifice. More importantly, CAD services bridge the gap between the architect and client by enabling clients to partake in the process of designing their building. Clients are not required to have engineering knowledge in order to have a full understanding of the CAD-rendered models as they offer the following:

  • Multiple viewpoints
  • An indication of the facilities available inside the building
  • Animation to enable a virtual tour of the building


CAD services to create Visual Models:

visual models

Architectural Engineering


Architectural engineering and architecture are different. The former is an integrated field of study when compared with other engineering disciplines. Architectural engineering takes a multi-disciplinary engineering approach. It is all about the integration of the building systems into the overall building design. In fact, it includes the design of systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting, fire protection, structural systems, and architectural acoustics.


Ultimately, drawings are essential for converting an architectural design into a reality. At Digitise IT, we have both the expertise and experience create digital architectural engineering drawings. The advantage offered by digital architectural drawings is that they can be modified whenever required during the implementation of the project so as to cater to the needs of construction. If you choose to outsource the architectural CAD services from us, we will assume the complete responsibility of preparing the drawings for your project.


This enables you to devote more time to activities related to your niche area and enhance your profitability. This is because you will be putting your resources and time to better use. Our architectural engineering professionals are fully conversant with architectural CAD services and they are quite capable of meeting your expectations or even exceeding them, with confidence.


All that you have to do share the design details to generate the CAD drawings in accordance with the preferred drafting standards. We provide high-quality customized service and ensure complete confidentiality security of shared data. Even though we ensure strict adherence to standards and on time delivery of error-free drawings, the charges for the services offered by us are highly competitive.


Architectural 3D Modelling


At Digitise IT, we have also built the capability to provide a wide range of 3D modelling services to our customers who would like to have a clearer picture as to how the project will look like when it is completed in all respects. This enables designing and planning even during the construction stage and makes it easy for engineers, architects, and contractors to review their design, if required, and incorporate suitable alterations. The 3D visual models that we provide will accurately depict the various architectural and structural elements so as to enable customers to have a real-life experience.


Today, 3D architectural modelling is gaining a great deal of popularity, especially in the construction sector, and is often offered as a package with 3D rendering. Walkthroughs and animation are logical extensions of 3D modelling and they enable clients to hasten their decision-making process. On the other hand, it becomes easy for developers, engineers, architects, and contractors to communicate effectively with their customers as regards the design of their building. It also enables them to assess shortcomings that may otherwise just be overlooked. Another advantage that 3D modelling offers is that it makes it easy to initiate corrective measures prior to the start of construction and helps save a lot of money.


When it comes to Visual models creation, our strengths are:


  • Our team – We have a dedicated team of professionals including architects, engineers, draftsmen, modellers, and designers that are knowledgeable and experienced. In fact, we can proudly say that we are one of the premier 3D modelling companies in India.
  • Technology – We employ the latest technology in 3D architectural modelling work and follow all the best practices in the industry.
  • Quality – We ensure high-quality workmanship and deliver on time.
  • Cost – We offer extremely cost-effective service packages.

Architectural 3D Rendering


At Digitise IT, our 3D rendering service is all about injecting to life to customers’ projects and illustrating the concepts of design, emulating real-life situations and as-built condition. Architects, interior designers, builders, and visualizers benefit a great deal from our 3D architectural rendering services and they can add value to their dream projects.


We take our 3D modelling service a step higher with our 3D rendering services by creating images on paper. This facilitates better communication among stakeholders. It enables them to get a preview of all the details of the project even before it is constructed and have a better understanding of the different aspects of the building. As the customers get a feel of the aesthetic aspects, it becomes easy to identify changes that need to be implemented.


The 3D architectural rendering includes all details with respect to construction, both interior and exterior, and lighting, both natural and artificial lighting. This renders a real-life feel to the images. We have provided 3D rendering services to varied construction projects, ranging from residential to industrial buildings and commercial constructions to hospitals, shopping malls, and airports. Our 3D services include both interior and exterior rendering.


Architectural Drafting Services


Architects and builders are successfully improving their productivity by outsourcing their non-core drafting activities to architectural CAD services providers. These service providers make available high-quality drafting services at competitive rates using the latest technology. Digitization of design drawings facilitates scientific archiving, making tracking and retrieving drawings and documents easy.


At Digitise IT, we are proud of the CAD Drafting experience that we have gained by executing projects for a wide range of engineering domains such as architecture (including architectural MEP detailing), civil (including structural drawings), mechanical (including fabrication, parts, and assembly drawings; and piping and instrumentation drawings), electrical (including schematics), and ship construction, water/sewage treatment plant schematics, and GIS mapping.


We create accurate Visual Models using CAD drawings, following ISO or AIA standards or as per the standards specified by customers, including scale, dimensions, fonts, layers, and symbols. In addition, we are adept at providing CAD drafting services on platforms such as AutoCAD, SketchUP Pro, BricsCAD, MicroStation, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, and EPLAN.