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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy!


We align our processes to fulfill customer requirements!


Established in the year 2000, DIGITISE IT offers CAD drafting, 3D Modelling and photo-realistic visualization, Digital Photo-treatment and GIS services to a growing global customer base in the US, the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and India.

As a 22 year young dedicated CAD services company, we have served diverse industries spanning Construction, Infrastructure town planners , Utility providers, Pharmaceuticals, Educational institutions, Oil and Gas refineries, Ship manufacturers,…to name a few!

By providing cost-effective services that go beyond expectations and consistently delivering on target, we ensure that our customers derive real business benefits. It is this commitment to excellence that is driving growth for us through repeat business and customer referrals.

Our first, second, third, fourth …. customers are still our customers!
We continue to deliver with high standards and meet our customer needs each time. This singularly, is the vindication of our Customer relationship management and satisfaction.


We founded Digitise IT, with a small team and a single anchor customer in 2000. Today over 20 years on, through our diversified Design and engineering skills we provide cost effective computer aided Design services across the globe.

Our core value of  driving a high-performance culture, by putting our people & quality at the heart of Digitiseit has ensured we retained & expanded on almost all of our customer relationships.

We have benefitted from these long relationships with our customers and are now looking to push aggressively ahead by providing solutions and services  to companies looking to tackle the challenges and opportunities digitization presents.

We as a team are committed to build on the trust of our customers and partners to provide high quality solutions through the adoption of new technologies and an enhanced skill set and are excited for what lies ahead.

-Neville Mody


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    Global presence – 22 years in the service industry offering CAD, GIS and 3D Modelling services to Global clients across the USA, UK, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, Switzerland and India.
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    Experience and Skills – Experience in successfully completing several projects in varied domains – GIS, Mapping, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, P&I diagrams, Electrical schematics, Mapping, Photo-enhancement, Tours, 3D Architectural visualisations

    We have worked with several different industry types – Power and Transmission, Water treatment and Sewage companies, Road and other Infrastructure, Refineries Pharmaceuticals, Developers, Architects and MEP contractors, Real estate companies

    We have a multi-skilled team, well versed in many different softwares.

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    Customer retention – Over the span of 22 years, we have developed excellent business relationships with all our customers, and have been working with several of them for 20+ years with scheduled daily deliverables.
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    Extended work hours – With a 16 hours workday in two shifts (7AM IST to 11PM IST), we provide enough overlap of hours to our overseas customers, for effective project coordination and  implementation. 

    Our employees work around the clock to compensate for the time difference between India and the countries with our client base. This helps schedule projects with reduced turn-around days for deliveries, for any urgent project requirements.

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    Human resources advantage – Pune is also known as the “Oxford of the East”, is home to 9 universities, a number of Engineering, Architecture and management institutes. Pune has a large student population which leads to a steady stream of skilled and talented workforce leading to Pune becoming a hotbed for outsourcing services and we can ramp up quickly for volume project requirements.
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    Our team – All the credit for all our achievements goes to our committed team. Our commitment to ensure the best working conditions for our employees has helped us retain many of them. Our Human resources policies ensure employee integration and retention – Over 40% of our core employees have been with us for over 10 years.
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    Quality and work processes – Our processes for ensuring our Quality norms and procedures dissipate to the lowest rung in the organisation hierarchy. This strong emphasis on quality has made Digitise IT a preferred vendor with its clients.
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    Cost Benefit – Due to the difference in the wage patterns, infrastructure and other related costs between India and other countries, outsourcing has a huge cost benefit. Digitise IT offers lower hourly rates and volume discounts too. Our customers have reported a saving as high as 60% in costs in comparison with projects handled by them inhouse.
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    Effective Management – India went into lockdown overnight in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our senior management team quickly planned the “Work from home” needs – hardware, software, connectivity, and realigned work  processes for effective coordination and communication within the team members and with the customers. 

    With our skilled team and leadership, we transitioned to the “ Work from home” model extremely smoothly with zero to minimal effect on our deliverables to our customers.


Project Basis

This model works well for projects with clear requirements and a clear scope. Here, we take a close look at the Scope of work, volume of work and delivery expectations and quote a fixed price. For volume agreements, we can work with a flat rate per drawing too.

Hourly Basis

This works well for continuous, recurring, long-term volume projects. We maintain a time-sheet log of hours spent in the month and invoice accordingly. We have several customers who have opted for this pricing model.

Dedicated Resource

We also set aside resources that only work for one client. This can be an agreement for a few months or a long-term relationship. The resource is trained in your specific project requirements and knows what you need. It’s the same as hiring someone, but you don’t have to pay for extra infrastructure or project management. You also have the option to setup a dedicated team, with a specific job profile. Know more about our Dedicated Offshore Centre offering.


I have used DigitiseIT on various occasions when my clients here in Scotland have had the need to digitise drawings. The quality of the finished product has been EXCELLENT and turnaround time for receiving files FIRST CLASS!

R. Wheeler

I have been very impressed with the work that is coming from you guys, the response, speed of turn around times and level of work is excellent. Thank you! 🙂🙂🙂

Jason Tait