Real Estate Companies and Realtors

We offer a bouquet of services for real estate companies and realtors to augment their property listings with floor plans, site plans, enhanced images, virtual staging and renderings.

Floor plan drawing services

With over 22 years of supporting the real estate industry, we understand the business requirements of quick deliveries. 

Normal turnaround time (TAT)  is within 24 hours and you have the option to request for Urgent delivery in as fast as 6 working hours!

We have designed a variation of standard offerings in Floor plans. 

  • 2D SIMPLE 
  • 2D COLOR

The above offerings use different techniques and different softwares ( Autodesk AutoCAD, Floorplanner, SketchUp Pro, Autodesk 3D MAX, VRAY for lighting and rendering, Adobe Illustrator) for creating the floor plan type.

We have designed our offerings to cater to the different requirements of our Global customers and offer large options of variations – Room measurements or Room areas or external dimensions, GIA calculations, etc.

To know more, refer Floorplans creation.

Site and Layout Plans

We create attractive 2D and 3D Site Plans and layout plans. The look and colors can be customized to your requirements, in softwares SketchUP pro or Autodesk 3D Max with Vray plugin

Digital Photo Treatment Services

We offer Photo-treatment services to enhance the chances of your sale with beautiful photographs on your Real estate listings. Send us your Photographs and we will create beautiful photographs, to use as an effective marketing tool in your online listings, Brochures, handouts or Flyers.

We have extensive experience in processing

  •   Regular photo enhancement (blue sky change, color correction, white balance etc)
  •   360 degree Image processing
  •   Enhancing drone imagery
  •   Day to Twilight
  •   Item removal
  •   HDR Blending and Multiple exposure photographs
  •   Blurring or Boundary marking
  •   Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation
  •   Logo/ watermark removal
  •   Background removal/ background change
  •   Virtual tours

Our team is skilled in different techniques and different softwares to assist you in any request you may have, for Photo-editing service.

To know more, refer Photo-treatment and editing services.


I have been very impressed with the work that is coming from you guys, the response, speed of turn around times and level of work is excellent.

 Thank you! 🙂🙂🙂

J. Tait

You are absolute superstars. I really appreciate the effort that you have put in to ensure that these get delivered to meet our customers demands.

A. Lithgow