Real Estate Floor Plan Services by DigitiseIT

Enhance your property listings and marketing materials with DigitiseIT’s specialized Real Estate Floor Plan Services. Whether you’re an architect, property developer, or a real estate agent, our tailor-made services cater to your unique needs and budget. With over 23 years of supporting the real estate industry, our established processes and automated systems ensure high-quality outputs with a quick turnaround.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage

With a normal turnaround time of just 24 hours, and an option for urgent delivery within 6 hours, we strive to deliver your floor plans as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality. Our suite of offerings is designed to provide you with a range of floor plans to suit your needs.

2D Simple Real Estate Floor Plans

Our basic offering includes a black and white floor plan, with an option for colored wall fills. All floor areas are represented in white, creating a clean, straightforward representation of your property.

2D Color Real Estate Floor Plans

With our 2D Color service, you can customize colors for distinct rooms or areas, including wall color fills, enhancing the visual appeal of your 2D floor plan with vibrant and captivating hues.

2D Textured Real Estate Floor Plans

With the 2D Textured plan, you can select specific textures for different types of rooms or areas, such as parquet or tile textures. You also have the option to choose wall color fills, adding a more realistic and tactile aspect to your plans.

3D Classic Real Estate Floor Plans

Our classic 3D floor plan provides a three-dimensional representation of your property, complete with basic furniture display. This gives potential buyers a more immersive understanding of your property’s layout.

3D Premier Real Estate Floor Plans

The 3D Premier service is a high-end, detailed floor plan that includes furniture and accessories, helping to highlight the different areas of your property and showcase its full potential.

Personalized to Your Needs

Whether you require room measurements, floor area calculations, specific colors or textures, furniture display, or a graphic scale, we customize our offerings to suit your needs. You also have the option to add your logo, branding colors, and contact coordinates, making each floor plan uniquely yours.

State-of-the-art Software

Our team of skilled professionals uses a variety of software to create floor plan drawings. These include Autodesk AutoCAD, Floorplanner, SketchUp Pro, Autodesk 3D MAX for 3D modelling, VRAY for lighting and rendering, and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic enhancements.

Why Choose DigitiseIT’s Real Estate Floor Plan Services?

Choosing DigitiseIT means opting for quick, high-quality, and customized floor plan services. With our varied offerings and quick turnaround times, we ensure you get the most out of your real estate listings. Reach out to us today to start transforming your properties with exceptional floor plans.

You have the choice of different offerings to pick from – whether you want room measurements, room areas, Floor area calculations, Colors, textures, furniture, graphic scale, etc. 

Send us your preferred choice, we will create your floor plan offering to your needs. 

You also have the option to add your Logo, branding colors and contact coordinates.

* TAT depends upon the service selected and the variations opted for

We use varied softwares to create Floor plan drawings – Autodesk AutoCAD, Floorplanner, SketchUp Pro, Autodesk 3D MAX, VRAY for lighting and rendering, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Understand our Standard offerings and possible variations offered in Floor Plan creation


At the start we used 2 suppliers, of which they were one, and our general approach is always to dual source for added security. However in this case, after working with them for about a year we appointed Digitise IT as our sole supplier because we were highly impressed by their approach and their consistent and reliable service delivery.


Digitise IT is a dream vendor – always on time, quality work, quality project management, accurate estimates. They make my job easy!

M. Rechter