Revit Services by DigitiseIT

DigitiseIT is an industry leader in the architectural, engineering, and construction sector, provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) services leveraging Autodesk Revit. With over 2 decades of experience, our skilled professionals deliver high-quality, efficient design solutions, helping you streamline your construction projects.

Revit and BIM: A New Age Design Approach

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a process extensively employed in the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. It digitally represents the construction information in both 2D and 3D, enabling anticipatory problem-solving and risk mitigation. Revit, a pivotal software in the BIM process, allows accurate 2D planning and 3D modeling, creating an intelligent, data-rich virtual representation of the building.

What Can DigitiseIT Do?

Our Revit Services cover a broad spectrum, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all your construction needs.

2D Drafting:

Our team creates detailed 2D drafts, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and construction details. We also provide drawing set compilation for complete construction or renovation plans. Our 2D services encompass:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Construction Details
  • Schedules
  • Annotation and Dimensioning
  • Drawing Set Compilation

Revit 3D Modeling:

We create accurate and detailed 3D models of buildings and infrastructure projects. Our Revit 3D modeling services include:

  • Revit Modeling and Documentation
  • BIM Coordination
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Revit Rendering and Visualization

Feel free to send us any of the following:

  • Scans of old legacy drawings
  • Scans of as-built drawings
  • Conceptual designs or hand-drawn sketches
  • Survey notes and plans
  • Matterport scans or 3D scans – obj or Point cloud files

Our team will then produce precise, scale-accurate drawings based on your submitted materials.

Revit Features

Revit offers a set of features that transform the construction design process:

  • Parametric modeling: Accurate 3D models with corresponding dimensions.
  • Coordination: Efficiently coordinate different teams working on different aspects of a model.
  • Collaboration: Enable multiple teams to work on the same model from different locations.
  • Scheduling: Automatically update schedules with any changes made to the model.
  • Documentation: Produce high-quality construction documents to facilitate detailed understanding and execution.

Why Choose DigitiseIT’s Revit Services?

By opting for our Revit Services, you unlock a world of benefits:

  1. Experience Future Home in 3D BIM Modeling: Get an accurate preview of your project in 3D. Revit ensures adherence to building standards codes across countries.
  2. Quick Changes, No Repetitive Tasks: Enjoy the flexibility of making changes without repeating tasks. Revit’s capabilities keep all views updated, saving you time and effort.
  3. Accurate Estimation of Quantities and Cost: Get a precise calculation of quantities and costs, making your planning and budgeting process easier.
  4. High-Level Flexibility: With Revit, multiple users can work on the same project file. The software also supports exporting and importing in various formats.

DigitiseIT is committed to offering you comprehensive solutions that cater to your unique construction needs. We bring efficiency, effectiveness, and clarity in every aspect of design and construction planning. Connect with us to revolutionize your construction project with our top-notch Revit services.



We have now worked with Digitise IT for over ten years and they are our partners for CAD and BIM Level 2 work. We find them to be an excellent partner from project tender stage all the way to delivery. DigitiseIT have always worked hard to understand our and our global banking and commercial client’s requirements and then provided the best solution to fulfil these demands. Not only do they work to find the best methodology to deliver the work but they are effective in keeping to programme and delivering the quality of work required.

Neil Ambler

We have been working with Digitiseit for a number of months, drafting building plans. We have found the team to be helpful, efficient and always available to assist with our requirements and intend to continue utilising their services for all of our requirements in the future.

Aaron Lithgow