Bespoke CAD Services

Do you have a special CAD requirement, we align our services to that request!

We have vast experience in handling varied CAD projects for different industry types.

Some examples of our special services are as follows

Legacy drawing conversion and organisation

Are you a company with several drawings still in Paper form? Do you need help with sorting these to find the most relevant and converted to Digital format? 

Digitise IT has experience of sorting and converting to CAD format, thousands of paper form drawings.

  • Discovery – Identification of what is required to digitalise, in coordination with the customer – sorting out the duplicates, etc.
  • Inventory – Listing all the drawings to be digitalised capturing the relevant data – descriptions, dates etc. 
  • Digitization to .dwg format, within the set parameters of specifications – Layers, text styles, dimension styles, legends, etc.

Digitise IT has worked on CAD conversion projects spanning thousands of hand-drafted paper drawings, some dating back to over 100 years, created by various draughtsmen.

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Compile the final set of As-built drawings

Do you want to handover a simple and clean set of drawings – complete with Architectural, MEP and other relevant information for future records and maintenance, to your customers?

We can help with sorting the various utility contractor drawings (Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Fire, Security systems, Plumbing, IT, Space planning, etc) and compile unitwise layouts for you.

Since the various Utility contractors are involved at different stages and lots can change during construction and implementation, it is possible that the drawings handed over to them for their work, are of different versions, with differences in even the Architectural layouts. 

Digitise IT team sorts the details

  • Identify the As-built Architectural details
  • Clean-up of duplicate and overlapping information
  • Sort the layers and organise a structure
  • Remove any external references and bindings for layer cleanups
  • Compile each Utility’s separate legend
  • Redo and rename symbols and blocks as per legend
  • Redo/ modify text and dimension styles as per specifications
  • Create Page Layouts according to Keyplans, for each Utility with correct Legend, Title, drawing and revision information. 

A Single CAD file containing all relevant information is delivered to the customer, with proper and easy to understand Layer name convention, entity definition and multiple Paper Layouts for each utility with only the relevant information visible per keyplan.

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Migration of drawings from Old standard to new standards

Do you have CAD drawings which now need to be cleaned and migrated to new Specifications of layerisation, layouts, description changes, logo changes, detail update, table infos, block replacements, attribute attachment, etc.?

Digitise IT has helped several customers – Oil refineries, Gas refineries, Telecom companies, in this transition.

The process is designed and aligned based on the scope of the update requirements.

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Turnkey Projects

Do you need regular support in your development projects? Are your designers and shop floor contractors improving the design during construction and implementation? Are the different contractors on site resolving clash issues and making notes of these changes on the paper drawings?

We can assist you  from the Design stage to the As-built stage and help you through all stages of construction, by supporting you with quick update of these redlines and comments in your CAD files.

Send us your redlines as the work progresses and receive the updated files with quick turnaround time!

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Dedicated team for you

Do you have a specific requirement and need a team dedicated to your work at our premises? If so, refer our Dedicated Offshore Centre page.

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Our team is extremely skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD and related plugins, Autodesk Revit, SketchUp Pro, Autodesk 3D MAX, VRAY for lighting and rendering, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and many other related softwares.