—— Our Services ——

—— Our Services ——

GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS)geographic information systems

Any geographic information systems (GIS) project involves geographic mapping data combined with attribute data to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and handle interactive queries.

Digitise IT offers CAD drafting for digitization of Cadastral maps, Topo sheets, Utility and Urban Infrastructure Planning maps for GIS projects. The service offerings include

  • Skewing of Images/ scans as per provided control points
  • Extraction and segregation of Parcels, Line and Point data from received scans of maps
  • Digitization of roads, rivers, plot areas and other spatial details from satellite images
  • Capture of plots and buildings from rural and urban area paper maps
  • Digitization (identification and segregation) of underground utilities and related equipments.
  • Infrastructure mapping digitized with specific coordinates/ control points
  • linking of attribute data for entities and equipment

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