Every business tries to do the most with the least amount of money. The traditional way would be to do everything in-house, but new technologies have shown that there are other ways to do things that are often cheaper.

You can choose from 3 pricing options

Project Basis

This model works well for projects with clear requirements and a clear scope. This model is especially helpful when a company can’t meet the requirements of a project in the time allotted and needs to subcontract the work on an ad hoc basis. Here, we take a close look at the project and give a fixed price for it.

Hourly Basis

This model works well for projects that don’t start out with a clear list of requirements. Since billing is based on the number of hours used, changes to a project can be made in the middle of it.

Dedicated Resource

We also set aside resources that only work for one client. This is good for a long-term relationship because the resource is highly trained and knows what you need. It’s the same as hiring someone, but you don’t have to pay for extra infrastructure or project management.

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