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Interior Design Trends in 3D Visualisation


Interior design trends

New age interior design preferences are deviating towards Minimalistic, Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, Industrial and Eclectic trends. These styles are clutter free and centred around what is essential yet aesthetic, minimal, and light. Many people prefer these interior design concepts as compared to the older more decorative styles with heavier furniture placements. 

These interior styles are achieved using functional furniture and objects, as well as basic and simplified colour schemes. Use of Minimalistic, tasteful color palettes with a few accent colors is the general concept. Creating precise geometrical forms is also a component of these design concepts. Simplicity and effortlessness are key to minimalist design and style. When executed appropriately, this design style can have a tremendous effect on the home atmosphere. 

The four fundamental components of these design styles are:

Open Space

Space utilisation, openness and motion is given significant weight. This requires avoiding walls and divisions as much as possible. For instance, the kitchen can be kept open by connecting it with the dining or living space. Even in the case of a small flat, this produces the appearance of space by blending the lines of a home.

Visible light

Utilizing natural light is a defining characteristic of this design concept. In addition to making a home appear open and light, it also contributes to a sense of modernity and expansiveness. Utilising wide windows helps to flood a space with natural light. If this is not possible, placing huge mirrors will help reflect light and get the desired effect.

Superior Furnishings and Fixtures

Utilising high-quality furniture and fixtures is a crucial component of contemporary minimalism design. The use of designer light fixtures, high-quality storage units, and high-quality furniture helps to achieve the minimalist interior design styles that are wanted. These are established methods for decorating and decluttering a home. Choose furnishings with geometric shapes that complement the sharp lines of the fixtures.


The focus is on uncluttered space design trending to show comfortable, stress-free and joyful living.

Depending on your hobbies, personality, and way of life, a variety of design trends are available to choose from. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest time and effort in selecting the choice that best meets your mood.

How Digitise IT Can Assist

Digitise IT provides Architectural 3D Modelling services to help Architects, Real Estate and property developers and interior designers across the world. We create CGIs (Computer generated images) i.e photo-realistic exterior perspectives, Interior renderings, 2D and 3D Site plans, 2D and 3D floor plans to help with 3D visualisation of the property before it is constructed. These CGIs can also help with marketing and sales web listings and brochures. 

Our 3D Team uses 3Ds Max and Vray softwares to design concepts for 3D Interior and exterior renderings can be adapted to suit the customer requirements of the design – Scandinavian, Contemporary, Modern, Industrial, Minimalistic, based on the mood boards shared by the customers. 

We also construct flybys, virtual tours, and walkthroughs that facilitate your decision-making. You need only supply scanned copies of old heritage drawings, as-built drawings, conceptual design/hand-drawn sketches, or survey plans and notes for us to produce near accurate CAD drawings and 3D model concepts.

We also aid global clients with CAD drafting, digital photo treatment, and GIS services using AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator and other such softwares.

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