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SketchUp Modeling Services


SketchUp Modeling Services

SketchUp, a popular 3D modeling software, is used by engineers for creating 3D objects when creating architectural models, to-scale models, interior design elements, functional parts, and in film design and video game. The most sought-after designing tool helps architects in bringing out their ideas to life accurately. This, in turn, enables them to present those ideas properly to potential clients. As SketchUp is extremely user-friendly, it offers fantastic usability and enables the creation of the best and customized designs.

The providers of SketchUp modeling services often have a team of skilled technicians who create project models and customize them in terms of size, color, shape, and other specific details prior to finalization. Typically, the services cover various sub-modules to render specialized capabilities to the SketchUp models such as animation, among others. In general, their services include the following:

SketchUp 3D Modeling

The team of highly-qualified engineers, draftsmen, and architects working with them provide very high-quality SketchUp models in 3D by employing the latest technologies and project management processes.

SketchUp Animation

Creation of superior quality 3D animations using SketchUp is very helpful in making ideas visibly powerful and more appealing. This makes it easy to sell projects. The easy to store as well as share SketchUp animations can be effectively used by those promoting building projects of all sizes.

Conversion From SketchUp to CAD

SketchUp modeling service providers extend help in the conversion of all SketchUp models to the CAD platform in order to aid the development of projects. Most digitization service providers have the required expertise and experience to handle all types of complex projects with a great deal of ease.

SketchUp 3D Rendering

SketchUp 3D rendering service is helpful in creating architectural designs for both interiors and exteriors. It can be applied to all projects in construction, healthcare, education, retail, and real estate industries.

SketchUp 3D Drawings

SketchUp can be employed effectively for crafting 3D drawings and hence enables ideas to be brought to through product modeling, prototype designing, architectural drafting, etc., across various industries.

DigitiseIT, established in 2000, provides CAD, 3D visualization, and 3D modeling services to many customers around the world. The company has delivered high-quality projects spanning diverse engineering domains such as Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping and Instrumentation, and Electrical, among others.

SketchUp Modeling Services Provided by DigitiseIT – Advantages

At DigitiseIT, we understand your goals, needs, and objectives and therefore create SketchUp 3D models that meet your specific requirements with precision and accuracy. The SketchUp experts in our team have the experience to help you clearly visualize real-life scenarios on your personal computer prior to moving ahead with the project. Typically, the advantages of outsourcing your work to us include the following:

  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Superior Quality
  • We Cater to Multiple Global Time Zones
  • We Ensure Higher Data Security
  • Ability to Scale Up to Support Work Load Increase at Your End
  • Compliance to International Standards
  • We Have Professional SketchUp Experts In Our Team

DigitiseIT’s SketchUp Modeling Services pay close attention to finer details such as viewing angles, lighting, colour, materials, etc. providing 100% satisfaction to clients.


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