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Advantages of CAD Services for Sewage and Water Treatment Plants


CAD Services for Sewage and water treatment plants

When designing sewage and water treatment plants, innovative use of CAD can help create efficient plants and increase production.

Let’s dive into some of the top reasons why you should integrate CAD design services for sewage and water treatment plants.

1. Accurate depiction of plant space plan

If accurate plant space planning is your biggest problem with plant operations, then you must take advantage of CAD for Sewage Treatment Plant Design Services. Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve in your water treatment or sanitation plant – accurate civil drawings, survey drawings, CAD spatial planning and layout or even submission for BOMs –Digitise IT’s CAD expertise in this field  will benefit you greatly.

2. Reduces errors and enhances efficiency

CAD services for water and sanitation plants will transform the way your plant operates. Experts like Digitise IT have the ability to create 3D layouts that are accurate down to every inch. This means you will have more control of your plant design. You will not have to worry about wasted time, effort, or money because you had a problem with placement or layout.

3. Precision in P&I diagrams

Plant and instrument diagrams are also common needs for businesses with water or sanitation plants. If you have an outdated version of SAP or other P&I diagram software, you may need to bring in the experts at Digitise IT to help. The team will be able to create a fully functional P&I diagram for you, complete with all the components and instruments your plant needs. This means that employees in your plant can quickly reference components that need construction, maintenance, or replacement.

4. Faster time to market

CAD services are a much better and quicker alternative as compared to physical prototypes, which may be costly and take a lot of time to turn around. Since the design process is accelerated, it helps shorten the turnaround time of the overall project. This ensures faster time to market for the plant construction.

5. Superior quality designs

Going back to the drawing board and fine-tuning individual components of the overall design is efficient and simplified with CAD for Sewage Treatment Plant Design Services. This way, you have total control over the final engineered plant design. CAD helps to investigate any anomalies, diagnose problems, and solve them virtually before any prototypes are made. This way, your design is approved the very first time upon finalization of the CAD design. You avoid multiple iterations and save time and money in the process.

6. The CAD designs are easy to read

Earlier, pen and paper designs carried several shortcomings. It was impossible for the designers to communicate their vision to other stakeholders in industrial design or engineers. But with CAD designs, the story is different. All people can read the labelling and notes clearly, and there is uniformity in comprehension of the notations and markings. This helps you to expand the utility value of the designs to other departments, too, such as sales and marketing.

6. Plan future better

Availability of well organised plan sets of the site, from design stage CAD files through to As-built CAD files, makes for effective maintenance, refurbishments and renovation planning in the future.

About Digitise IT

  • CAD drafting of design drawings
  • CAD conversion of As-built drawings
  • Create Site survey CAD drawings
  • Create 2D CAD drawings and 3D models by extracting information from 3D scans point cloud files
  • Quick updates of Redline and markup during the construction phase.
  • If you have legacy As-built drawings in CAD format but are disorganised plansets, Digitise IT can help you to sort the chronological order and help create CAD file(s) defining the current As-built CAD drawing(s).
  • Migration (cleanup, layerisation and standardisation) of your existing CAD drawings to new standards
  • No need to create a physical model of the site for the customer. Digitise IT can create 3D Site plan renders offering a 360 view of the site, which helps the customer to visualise the site design, layout, roads and vehicle travel within the site.

Digitise IT has assisted several infrastructure planning and consulting companies across the world, creating accurate, to-scale, organised, easy to read and manage CAD drawings, at 40% of their initially estimated budget.

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