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Can Outsourcing 2D Drafting Services Reduce Product Development Cost?


outsource 2d drafting services

Optimizing product development cost is one of the many priorities of product manufacturing firms. And what is better than outsourcing Auto CAD services to do so? Not only outsourcing CAD drafting can bridge the technology gap and skills but keep costs under control.

As we all know, hiring and training in-house CAD experts is an expensive task, and so is acquiring a license for CAD software. But when you decide to outsource Auto CAD needs, you eliminate the hiring, training, and license acquisition process.

And since the outsourcing world is proficiently positioned and well-equipped with relevant resources, you end up saving significantly on product development. Here is how:

1- No costly reworks


There always remains a risk of rework, wasted resources, and extended timelines when unqualified or inexperienced staff are expected to work on auto CAD. Similarly, if there is even a slight design error in measurements, the manufactured product may lack the expected value. Furthermore, partially or fully scrapping the work on the design board adds to the time and cost. 


By outsourcing Auto CAD services, you can expect the drawings and revisions to be completed during the drafting process by the experts. The final files you receive usually have precise and accurate dimensions, thereby reducing errors, work delays, and unnecessary costs. 

2- Directly hire trained, skilled resources


Hiring and training an entire team to produce CAD drawings is nothing less than a herculean task. A steep learning curve and scarce resources only make hiring and training the right talent a cost-intensive and tedious process. 


Fortunately, outsourcing 2D drafting services to India can eliminate these processes. Offshore Auto CAD services tend to be well-equipped with relevant technologies and a huge range of domains. Your partnership with them gives you access to versatile CAD drafting services, experience, 3D rendering skills, and 3D modeling expertise without the need for spending added capital on hiring or training. 

3- Time zone advantage


One of the leading benefits of outsourcing 2D drafting services to India is that you can leverage the time zone differences and reduce the turnaround times. Your non-working hours can be used by the offshore company to make the most out of every day. 


For instance, you can send your rough drawings to the outsourced company (working in a different time zone) by the end of the day. And by the time you start working the next morning, you will likely have a detailed design layout with corresponding 2D sketches waiting for you in the email. 

4- Easy-to-scale resources


Peaks and valleys are common scenarios in the manufacturing industry. But, when you know you can hire just enough resources to meet the average demand, you stay assured of not exceeding the budget. 

By outsourcing Auto CAD services, you get to hire services as per your drafting project needs. Whenever the demand changes or the volume in the project drops or increases, you have the option to ramp up or ramp down the services accordingly. 

It is evident from this post that outsourcing 2D drafting services to Digitise IT can prove a highly beneficial business venture. From boosting the production capacity to enhancing the product’s quality, you can rely on your outsourced CAD partners to keep all your projects economically feasible. 


Speak with the experts at Digitise IT to optimize your product development cost today!


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