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Matterport and Real Estate


Matterport to CAD

History of Matterport:

The guiding principle of Matterport is that 3D captures are much more useful and eye soothing than normal photographs. According to co-founder Matt Bell, the company was founded in 2011, at a time when virtual reality (VR) was yet to deliver, even though it had captured people’s imagination for years. But the company sought a different path. The path was guided by the dream to create a product that would blend in with interactive 3D content, 3D training simulations, 3D modelling, and video games that captured the richness of the digital world. Apart from helping the users create virtual tours, Matterport ventured into developing and selling high-grade cameras that are used in capturing “point clouds”.

Matterport and real estate:

Comprehensive pictorial details in Real Estate listings can help prospective buyers appreciate the property visually and help in buying closure. Real estate listings supported with easy-to-understand, attractively laid out floorplans, good quality photographs and Video tours of the property help customers understand the layout and possibilities, thereby speeding the decision-making process.

Over the years, Matterport scanning of properties has gained popularity. Most of the Real estate listings globally have tours created by Matterport.

The Matterport 3D scan and the Video tour outputs hence created is the closest thing to visiting a real estate property. With the videos created from Matterport cameras, you can deliver an immersive 360-degree experience that helps in promoting your real estate

3D Scanning:

The process of collecting an object’s exact shape and size using a line of laser light is called 3D scanning. The object could be of any shape or size, a building, a house, or a commercial establishment. Powerful 3D scanners can measure and capture the minute details of the object in quick time and generate highly accurate “point clouds” from the surface of the objects. Point clouds refer to the collection of 3D points defined by a given coordinate system.

3D scanning in real estate:

With the advent of 3D scanners such as Matterport, the real estate sector has gained immensely. The surveyors or photographers can use the matterport cameras to capture the scans for the different areas of the property. These scans then are uploaded to the matterport site for registration and processing to create the “matterpak” of point cloud and obj files, Video tours of the property and doll house, etc.

Enhance your Real Estate listings

Advantages of using Matterport in real estate:

With the Virtual tour videos obtained from Matterport, the buyers can view the property virtually as if they are inside the property. The tours are created as a walk through the house and helps with 360-degree visualization of the property from all angles. The technology allows the buyer to move from one position to another and see the property from various spots (known as hot spots). As the Matterport tour links is a web-based platform, it allows multiple stakeholders to view the virtual tours at the time and place of their choice. The tours can easily be shared via email, text messages, Facebook, LinkedIn links etc.

As real estate marketing is a very competitive space, Matterport provides an edge to the realtors and real estate agents who use it. Floorplans, Elevations, and good quality digitally enhanced photographs added to your Real estate listings helps further with a 360-degree visualisation and helps close the deal faster.

How Digitise IT can help

  • Experience: – Digitise IT has extensive experience in creation of Architectural set of drawings, 2D and 3D real estate floorplans, 3D interior and exterior renderings by extracting dimension details from Matterpak point cloud and .obj files. We use special softwares to extract exact dimensions and other details to create 2d & 3D Floorplans
  • Quality – Over the last ten plus years, Digitise IT has worked on thousands of Matterport Obj files and created high-quality, easy to understand, accurate to-scale Real estate floorplans and Architectural drawings.
  • Delivery – We understand the Real estate industry and the competition. Fast deliveries are the key. We have the teams and processes to deliver real estate Floorplans within 8 /16/ 24 hours as per the customer requirements. Leveraging the time zone advantage the customers get the deliveries before the start of their workday.
  • Cost Effective – We are competitively priced. We also offer volume discounts for recurring and continuous work.
  • Scalability – Being located in Pune (India), skilled and experienced manpower is readily available, which helps Digitise IT ramp up the operations quickly if and when required.


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