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7 Advantages of Paper to CAD Conversion Services for the Construction Industry


advantages of Paper to CAD conversion

The construction industry has seen many changes in recent years, with technology playing a critical role in making it more efficient and accurate. While most of the recent project work has transitioned to digital CAD format, however, there are still a significant number of Legacy projects hand-drafted drawings which are stored in paper format.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services come into play, providing businesses with a range of advantages which include:

1. Durability

  • Paper drawings and documents are prone to damage, loss, and destruction.
  • Digitising paper drawings using CAD Conversion Services makes them much more durable and resistant to damage.
  • Digital formats eliminate risks associated with natural disasters, illegibility, fading, and crumpling.

2.  Easy to Store

  • Thousands of digital CAD files can be stored securely on the cloud, occupying negligible space.
  • Real estate prices are increasing, making space a valuable commodity.
  • Digital formats eliminate the need for physical storage space.

3.  Standardisation

  • Hand-drawn drawings from legacy projects reflect different drawing styles of the draftsmen, leading to inconsistencies.
  • Paper to CAD Conversion Services create accurate to-scale drawings with clearly defined standards.
  • Templates, symbols, library, line styles, dimension styles, layers, etc. help align drawings of a project.

4 Efficiency

  • Once digitised, drawings can be edited and updated efficiently for future projects.
  • Incorporate file naming conventions, revision control, and norms.
  • CAD software offers efficient tools to organise drawing elements into multiple layers, and use different edit tools and filters.

5.  Easy to Share, Backup, and Retrieve

  • Digital CAD drawings and documents are easily shared, regardless of location, via email, cloud storage, or other online platforms.
  • Digital drawings and documents are easily stored, backed up, and retrieved when needed.
  • Sharing digital drawings documents is more convenient and accessible

6.  Smooth Project Implementation

  • With digital drawings available on a laptop, tablet, or iPad, project implementation becomes more organised with the latest set of drawings available from any location.
  • Design or implementation changes can be marked up quickly, ensuring drawings are always up-to-date.

7.  Better Presentations

  • Digital documents can be easily edited and modified to create better presentations.
  • Detailed 2D drawings of designs can be created and visualised effectively by creating 3D models.
  • Compelling presentations can help win over clients, partners, and stakeholders.

CAD Conversion (converting of the legacy paper drawings to .dwg format) service helps businesses to improve efficiency, accuracy, and profitability, making the drawings more durable, easier to store, share, backup, and retrieve, and creating better presentations.

By investing in Paper to CAD Conversion Services, businesses in this industry can stay ahead of the competition.

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