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Unlocking the Potential: Integrating Matterport Technology with Architectural Drawings



In the realm of architectural design and real estate marketing, the integration of advanced technologies like Matterport with traditional architectural drawings represents a groundbreaking shift. This blend not only enhances the quality and precision of architectural projects but also revolutionizes the way properties are marketed to potential buyers. Through the lens of DigitiseIT’s innovative services, we’ll explore how Matterport technology is transforming the industry


The architectural and real estate sectors are witnessing an unprecedented digital transformation. The advent of Matterport technology has opened new horizons for architects, designers, and marketers alike. This technology, when integrated with detailed architectural drawings, can significantly enhance the marketing of properties by offering a more immersive and realistic view of the space.

The Synergy of Matterport and Architectural Drawings

From 3D Scans to Architectural Marvels

DigitiseIT is at the forefront of leveraging Matterport technology to convert 3D scans into comprehensive architectural drawings. This process not only ensures the accuracy of floor plans and elevations but also enhances the overall design and marketing process of real estate properties.

Transforming Matterport Scans into Detailed Architectural Drawings

Utilizing specialized software, DigitiseIT processes OBJ or point cloud files to extract precise dimensions and details. This meticulous process results in highly accurate and detailed architectural drawings, floor plans, and elevations from Matterport scans.

Enhancing Real Estate Marketing with 3D and 2D Brochure Floor Plans

The integration of Matterport technology allows for the creation of 2D and 3D brochure floor plans, which are instrumental in real estate marketing. These plans offer potential buyers a clear and detailed view of the property layout, significantly aiding in the visualization of the space.

The Process: How DigitiseIT Does It

Leveraging Specialized Software for Precision

DigitiseIT employs advanced software to handle OBJ or point cloud files effectively. This technology enables the team to create not only traditional architectural drawings but also photo-realistic exterior and interior renderings from Matterport scans.

The Journey from Scans to Photo-realistic Renderings

The transformation from Matterport scans or 3D laser scans to photo-realistic renderings involves a comprehensive process. This includes the extraction of accurate dimensions and the creation of high-quality visualizations that bring architectural designs to life.

Why Choose DigitiseIT for Your Architectural Needs?

Choosing DigitiseIT means opting for a partner that prioritizes quality, accuracy, and efficiency. With a deep understanding of architectural design and advanced technologies like Matterport, DigitiseIT ensures that your projects exceed expectations.

Future Directions: The Impact of Matterport and 3D scans on Architectural Design

Innovations in 3D Technology and Its Applications

As technology continues to evolve, the potential applications of Matterport in architectural design and property marketing are vast. Innovations in 3D scanning and visualization are expected to further enhance the accuracy and realism of architectural projects.

Predictions for the Future of Architectural Visualization

The future of architectural visualization is bright, with technologies like Matterport leading the way. These advancements promise to make architectural designs more accessible, engaging, and realistic for all stakeholders involved.


How does integrating Matterport technology enhance property marketing?

Integrating Matterport technology significantly enhances property marketing by providing a realistic and immersive 3D visualization of the space. This technology allows potential buyers to explore properties virtually, offering a detailed view of the interior and layout from anywhere in the world. It increases engagement by enabling an interactive experience that traditional photos and videos cannot match. Matterport scans can also be used to create accurate floor plans and 3D models, making it easier for buyers to understand the property’s dimensions and potential, thereby speeding up the decision-making process.

What kind of architectural drawings can be produced from Matterport scans?

From Matterport scans, a wide range of architectural drawings can be produced, including detailed floor plans, elevations, and section drawings. These scans can also be used to generate 2D and 3D brochure floor plans, site layouts, and even photorealistic exterior and interior renderings. The versatility of Matterport technology allows for the creation of comprehensive architectural sets that accurately represent the design and layout of the property.

How does DigitiseIT ensure the accuracy of the drawings and renderings?

DigitiseIT ensures the accuracy of drawings and renderings produced from Matterport scans by employing specialized software and a team of skilled professionals. This combination allows for the precise extraction of dimensions and details from the OBJ or point cloud files generated by the scans. DigitiseIT’s expertise in architectural design and their meticulous processing ensure that every output, be it floor plans, elevations, or 3D renderings, is produced with the highest level of precision and detail, meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Can Matterport technology be used for commercial property marketing?

Yes, Matterport technology is highly effective for commercial property marketing. It offers the same benefits as it does for residential properties, such as immersive 3D tours, accurate floor plans, and detailed renderings, but on a scale suitable for commercial spaces. This technology is ideal for showcasing office buildings, retail spaces, and other commercial properties, providing a comprehensive view that can highlight the property’s features and potential to prospective tenants or buyers.

What is the turnaround time for transforming Matterport scans into architectural drawings?

The turnaround time for transforming Matterport scans into architectural drawings can vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. However, due to the efficiency of Matterport technology and DigitiseIT’s streamlined processing methods, projects can often be completed faster than traditional methods. Typically, clients can expect to receive their architectural drawings and renderings within a day to a week. For more specific timelines, DigitiseIT can provide estimates based on the details of the individual project.

How can I get started with DigitiseIT’s Matterport and Point Cloud services?

Getting started with DigitiseIT’s Matterport and Point Cloud services is straightforward. Interested parties should reach out directly to DigitiseIT through their website, or email to

The initial step usually involves a consultation to discuss the specific needs and objectives of the project. DigitiseIT will then provide guidance on the best approach to take, including what kind of scans are needed, the scope of work, and the estimated turnaround time and costs. From there, DigitiseIT will handle the processing and transformation of the Matterport scans into the desired architectural outputs, working closely with the client to ensure the final deliverables meet their expectations.


The integration of Matterport technology with architectural drawings represents a significant advancement in the field of architectural design and property marketing. By offering a more immersive and accurate visualization of spaces, this technology enhances the overall marketing strategy of real estate properties. DigitiseIT stands at the forefront of this innovation, providing services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients. Embrace the future of architectural planning and marketing with DigitiseIT’s Matterport and Point Cloud services.

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