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Using Virtual Reality to Promote Your Hospitality Service


virtual reality hospitality services

Using Virtual Reality to Promote Your Hotel/ Hospitality Service

Event planners are becoming more selective, and competition is on the rise for businesses in the hospitality sector. Customers too want to enjoy a perfect vacation and know more about the hotel where they are planning to stay even before they arrive at the destination. All these developments are driving hotels to embrace new technology so that they can come out of the clutter. This has led to the emergence of virtual reality renderings as a tool for hotel marketing. This magical solution enables the decision-making process by allowing clients to get a feel of hotel properties from the comfort of their homes. Virtual reality renderings are a game-changer as far as the hospitality sector is concerned, and here are how businesses can use them to promote their services:

 Virtual Reality Hotel Tour

High-quality, realistic photos may provide a general idea of a property, but they may not be enough to highlight its uniqueness. A 360-degree video of the hotel is a more effective option to present the specialties of the hotel. Adding virtual reality hotel tours to their websites allows visitors and potential guests to get an experience of what the property has to offer. The videos should offer a walkthrough of different room types, giving an idea of options and room facilities.

Virtual Tour of Amenities

A virtual amenities tour helps hospitality businesses showcase the facilities they offer. A 360-degree tour of the property’s fitness centre, for example, with the fitness trainer explaining what implements are available and how they work, can pique the interest of website visitors. You can also add videos of restaurants, the lobby, the swimming pool, room service, and more. These videos provide a better feel of a property than just viewing photos, as they are more relatable and catchy.

Interactive Components

A powerful aspect of virtual tours is that they give control to the people viewing them. Therefore, adding interactive components to videos makes them even more effective. This is because each customer has unique and special needs and expectations from a property. For example, videos should allow viewers to zoom in or out, turn their views to the left or right, and up or down.

Destination Virtual Tour

 Some travellers prefer to discover the neighbourhood of the hotel before going ahead with their booking. Providing a virtual tour of the hotel property’s location and nearby places of tourist importance will be helpful to hospitality businesses in boosting their marketing efforts. A virtual tour of the location, highlighting museums, art galleries, restaurants, beaches, etc., enables prospective customers to make an informed decision.

All said and done, the goal is to lead visitors to the booking page. This can be done by placing links in the virtual reality tour videos.

How Digitise IT can help

There are many portals across the world for listing your hotels, service apartments, BNBs, Home stays, etc. The travellers visit these booking portals, view your listings. Attractive photographs, videos and other details can entice the customers to book with you.

Digitise IT offers a wide range of services that can be used by Hospitality companies.

  • Photo-treatment services – Services like Photo-enhancement, Day to twilight services can help improve the quality of the photo-graphs and help the customers to visualise an inviting ambience. Photo treatment services like Item removal, Virtual staging can help to improve the photo-graphs to display a more pleasing, clutter free, spacious ambience to tempt the customer to book from online portals. 
  • Using our Floorplan services, you can show the layout of the rooms/ apartments to help customers visualise the space available and layout.
  • Create attractive 2D/3D site plans to showcase the layout and expanse of hotels and resorts. We can also embed videos and photographs in the 3D interactive site maps to showcase surroundings, events, and activities, etc.
  • Create attractive, easy to understand Fire safety and Emergency Exit plans to display at strategic”You are Here” locations.
  • Digitise IT also provides CAD drafting services, which can be used by the hospitality industry to create drawings for their expansion or to streamline their as-built drawings. 
  • For any planned renovation work, we can help with 2D and 3D CAD drafting, 3D Modelling and visualizations.
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